Mahaffey Happenings

January 2019

Upcoming Events:

December 21-January 7: Winter Break, No School for students

January 7: Staff Development/Teacher Work Day

January 8: Students return/1st day Second Semester

January 10: Men's Choir Concert

January 17: Scotties on the Move-‘Snowball’ Fun at Pinewood Place

January 22: Scottie Choir resumes for Spring Semester

January 24: Plaid Percussion resumes for Spring Semester

Whataburger Spirit Night

January 29: Author Visit (Nathan Hale)

Bell Time Reminders!

7:35 Klein breakfast is available in the cafeteria

7:45 Students may enter the building

8:10 Tardy Bell

3:25 Dismissal Bell

Transportation/Attendance Reminders:

Dismissal Notices:

If your child will be going home a different way, please let the FRONT OFFICE and your child's TEACHER know right away. Telling the teacher is wonderful, but sometimes they can't check voicemail/email/Dojo until it is after school-your best option is always the main front office.

We ask that you have the call made by 2:30pm. If messages are not cleared or given in time, please know the teachers are trained to send kids home their regular way unless told otherwise by administration. We CANNOT take a child's word for it when it comes to leaving school safely.

Walker/Car Rider reminder:

While we know the line can sometimes be long, please be sure you are not sending your child home a walker but parking in front of the school to bypass our lines. It has been reported that many cars are doing so and obstructing traffic and safety for our students. We ask that you please follow our dismissal procedures, and be courteous of our neighborhood traffic.

Message from Mrs. Mason

Welcome 2019!

It's a new year and a new semester! So much is ahead of us! Many people this time of year like to set new goals, make resolutions and start the year on the right foot.

At Mahaffey, we will be working diligently to help our students meet their goals and be on target for mastery. We encourage you to talk to your kids not only about what their goals are, but what direct action steps they plan to implement and how they will accurately know when their goal has been met.

In order to be successful with goals, we like to make sure we are making SMART goals:

S: Specific (narrowed down to one element of a broader vision)

M: Measurable (something you can track)

A: Attainable (be realistic and set short term goals over time)

R: Relevant (something that is important and purposeful for you)

T: Time Bound (how long will you give yourself? What check in points will you reach?)

As we venture in to the season of accountability in the school year, we will be working closely with SMART goals and tracking for our students. Looking at our strengths and needs standard by standard. How can we tie this purpose of accountability into our personal goals and resolutions? Here are a few suggestions:

-Have an accountability partner

-Communicate it openly to your friends or on social media

-Make a calendar and keep it visible

-Make a checklist

We are looking forward to an incredible second semester! Be on the lookout for flyers involving Scotties on the Move and Parent University.

As always, thank you for your continued support in your students' education and your support for Mahaffey. We are most definitely Glad to Be PLAID!

Holly Mason, Principal

Tips from our Librarian- Mrs. Kelley

Digital Citizenship Tip of the Month:

Help Boost Kids' Safety, Privacy, and Security

When kids start to go online, whether they're playing games, using educational apps, or just following their curiosity on Google, it's important that they understand the basics of being safe online. With some general guidelines around what information is and isn't OK to share, and some help from parents when they're unsure, kids can have fun and learn a lot in the digital world.

Check out these 5 tips

1. Discuss personal vs. private info.

Talk about the difference between what's OK to share online (favorite color) and what's not (home address).

2. Use privacy settings.

Together, go through the settings on all new apps to make sure you both know what information your kids are sharing. Especially in the beginning, it's better to share very little.

3. Avoid location tracking.

Location-aware apps can be super helpful. But apps that use a device's location to help people find your kid or offer them ads for nearby businesses should be used with caution. Turn them off if you can.

4. Power up passwords.

Work together with kids to help them come up with complex passwords. Think outside the dictionary. Use phrases and special characters that make passwords hard to guess but easy to remember. Remind kids to keep passwords private and change them regularly.

5. Skip quizzes.

Help kids identify and avoid clickbait, quizzes, special offers, and anything that asks for personal or private information. This helps keep information secure and devices safe.

For more digital citizenship contact Lisa Kelley ( or Common Sense Education

Music News from Mrs. Harper & Mrs. Hatley

KISD Men’s Choir Concert - We have 8 Fifth Grade Boys representing Mahaffey at the KISD Men’s Choir Concert on January 10th. This is a concert that includes singers from all of the KISD campuses from 5th Grade through High School.

We are very proud of our boys who will represent our Scotties so well! Good luck to Luke, Phillip, Alex, Isaac, Caden, Evan, Esteban, and Waylon!

4th & 5th GRADE MUSIC CLASSES: ALL 4th and 5th Grade music classes will be starting a recorder unit beginning the week of January 21st. Students may purchase recorders in the School Store for $7.00. CASH ONLY.

All students need to bring it to their music teacher’s room to be stored to use on music days. All practicing will take place during class time, and recorders will be returned at the end of the year.

Previously purchased recorders may also be used. This may include a recorder an older sibling used while in elementary school, or one bought last year.

Ways to Support Mahaffey:

General Financial Donations Directly to Mahaffey!

-Mahaffey Elementary is always accepting help in the form of money donations. General donations can be sent to Carrie Rentfro ( Secretary for Mahaffey. If you would like to make an online donation, she can assist you in the process. Cash or check is also accepted. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and can provide you with information to complete on your taxes for claim.

*If you are a business owner, we would LOVE to partner with you!!

Contact Carrie Rentfro for ways you can support

Please also connect with our PTO Rresident Tiffany Bumbaugh at

Join PTO!

-By joining PTO you are not required to physically and formally volunteer, although we would love to have you help in one or more of the MANY ways you can volunteer. You are putting forth fiscal help as well and partnering with our primary community organization that helps bring resources into our school that we might not be able to have otherwise.

Become a WatchDOG Dad Volunteer!

-We love having positive, male role models working with our students and setting great examples in your dedication to education. WatchDOGS can sign up to spend either all day Thursday or Friday here on our campus experiencing many fun activities and helping us make a difference.

Attend Our Events:

-Any time we host an event, try your best to attend. This shows your student that school is an important and welcoming place. Studies have shown, increased attendance at extracurricular and other after school events increase student success and positively influence the home-school connection.

Parent University

If you haven't gotten to register to be part of Parent University, please do at the link below. We have received some great feedback on courses our parents want/need and are working on planning those now!

Clinic Information

KISD Policy for Birthday Snack orders/requests is 2 WEEKS advance notice, no exceptions.

Emergency Contact Information is REQUIRED for the nurses office. It is imperative that we be able to contact guardians in the event of your child being sick or in an emergency.

If your child has a temp of 100.0 or higher please keep them home until they are fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing (Tylenol, Motrin) medication.

Please be sure that your Kinder and 1st grade students are sent with an extra pair of clothes in case those unforeseen accidents happen.

Mahaffey Core Values

At Mahaffey Elementary we are Glad to be PLAID!

We believe that our sole purpose is to ensure that all kids leave us with a continued promise in fulfilling their purpose in life. We feel that to accomplish this, students must be given foundational pillars that guide us all in to well-rounded individuals who are capable of anything. When we say we are PLAID, we mean we are/have:

Positive Purpose

Learners Leading

Aspiring Academics

Innovative Ideas

Dedicated Discipline

Custodial Notification

Please assist us in the handling of custody related issues. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide the principal a certified copy of the court order affecting any other person’s right to their children. Should you have any questions please call Holly Mason at 832-375-8220.