Time Management 101

By The School Counseling Department

During this time, the WRHS School Counseling Department is providing quarterly newsletters to provide suggestions and strategies to help students better navigate their learning inside and outside of the classroom.

In this newsletter you will find:

  • How Time Management is Defined
  • The Benefits of Time Management
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Taking the Time for Friendships and Other Relationships
  • TikTok Videos featuring: The benefits of time management, developing smart goals and daily routine tIps to help improve time management!
  • and there's an APP for that!

What is Time Management?

Time Management is defined as:

  • The ability to use one's time effectively or productively (Google English Dictionary)

Time Management involves:

  • Planning,
  • Prioritizing,
  • Making a schedule,
  • Setting goals,
  • Self-regulation,
  • Flexible thinking

The Benefits of Good Time Management:

  • Better decision making skills
  • Better performance at school
  • Increased responsibility and independence
  • More opportunities to relax
  • More time for family and friends
  • Reduced anxiety when projects are due or test dates are approaching


Pomodoro Technique

  • Write down your tasks in your planner
  • Set your timer for 25 minutes
  • Work on a single task until the timer goes off
  • Take a five-minute break
  • After you’ve completed four tasks (aka “pomodoros”), take a 15-30 minute break


The Pomodoro Technique

How Do You Spend Your Time?

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Finding Time for Your Friendships and Other Relationships

Time Management is not just about managing your time so that you can complete all your schoolwork, study for that big test, be on time for work, practice, a club meeting, or a volunteer opportunity. Time Management also has to do with finding time for your friendships and relationships. That may mean organizing and planning a time to connect with the people who are important to you. This could look like:

  • Scheduling a family dinner with those you live with or setting up one virtually with those you don't get to see as often,
  • Picking a day/time to go skiing or snowboarding at the mountain with your significant other,
  • Arranging a virtual hang out session at a specific time on a preferred platform with friends

Managing your time is a way to take care of yourself. So take a moment to evaluate how you spend your time each day and decide what activities you want to focus your time on as well as who in your life you want to make time for!