Desert Biome Project

BY:Marissa Williamson 5th period

Desert discription

Hot and Dry: location: Australia. Also a fact on hot and dry is that it has very few plants. It is very Hot and Dry.

Cold: location: Antartica. Has short moist and moderately warm. Temperature in winter from -5 ºF to -110 ºF.

Semi Arid: location: Utah. Receives very little rainfall.

Coastal: location: Peru. normal temp. Is cool to warm temperatures.

Abiotic factors

Hot and Dry: There is very little precipitation. It's very hot and dry in the Hot and Dry deserts. The average temperature is 100ºF. LANDFORMS: plateaus and sand dune, and canyons.

Cold desert: The average temperature is -5º F to -110º F. 15 to 26cm of precipitation. Snowy weather most of the time. LANDFORMS: Snowy mountains, rocky cliffs.

Ecological concerns or issues


Cold desert: Snow storms

hot and dry: Sand storms

Human Impact

Cold Desert: Many animals have gone extinct because humans kill them for food.

Hot and Dry: Car tracks Can harm the vegetation.