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February 14, 2019

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District NearPod Subscriptions and Trainings

Great news! The district recently purchased a Nearpod subscription for all teachers! Come learn how to use Nearpod to create engaging learning experiences that students will love.We will be having a training on Monday, February 18th and if you need additional training see below.

You can also access Information on how to log in and utilize Nearpod in Klein ISD’s Guide to Digital Resources GROUP in Schoology. You can join using this code 2ZQB6-BD5FW.

February Nearpod Trainings

Please Login Before Our Training on Monday, February 18th.

Quizalize Pilot Interest

After attending TCEA last week, I spoke with a Quizalize from Zzish rep. Ulrich, Kleb, Doerre, and Hofius have campus pilots. This great online program turns boring tests into fun classroom team games. While your students use the program, you will instantly know which students need help and their specific weaknesses. Teachers can then assign follow-up activities to reinforce learning. The best part is that Quizalize already offers 120,000 ready-made quizzes aligned to the TEKS in all core content areas and foreign languages.

Quizalize has offered Hildebrandt a FREE pilot for the remainder of this year to test out the product with your students and collect students data. In the meantime, please check out the video below.

Quizalize Sign-up

Sign-up to get on the list for the Quizalize Pilot!



During late March, our ELL students will be taking TELPAS where they will be evaluated on reading, listening and speaking. Flipgrid is a great online resource that your students can use beforehand to practice their speaking while recording short videos. Check out this great short read on the 5 Strategies for Using Flipgrid in the Language Learning Classroom.

Student TEK Progress Monitoring and Goal Setting

As we move into the testing season, we want our students to be self-reflective and goal-oriented as stated in the Profile of a Learner Guiding Document. With this in mind, feel free to customize and share this TEK Progress Monitoring Google Slides presentation with your students. Using this template, students will be able to track their progress on TEKS and monitor their own learning. Notice that the document first displays your TEKS listed where students can indicate pretest and post test scores, if applicable. Then, students have the ability to click and pull up the shape to their score to update your graph.

Engaging and Educational Activities to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Thursday is Valentine’s Day, a holiday that inspires our students to let friends, family members, and loved ones know how much they care about them. This caring holiday can also inspire our students to learn grammar, math, geography, coding, and more with a few Valentine’s Day inspired activities below.

  • Check out this Valentine's Day Quiz Collection of games by Kahoot.
  • Students can send free digital greetings to their peers, another class, nursing homes, cancer wards, orphanages, or the military with Animoto, Canva, or Pic-Collage First, allow them to create their messages or poems on paper and have their peers edit for grammar errors. Students can add drawings or photos to many of these web tools and apps.
  • In math, your students can send Math-o-grams with cool heart designs graphed. Students can see the equation worked out.
  • Students can learn cryptology by creating their own secret coded language and writing a Valentine’s Day message for others to decipher.
  • Students can create love poems with the free digital Love Magnetic Poetry Kit.
  • Students can create their own heart-shaped poem using the Neoformix Word Hearts generator.
  • Use candy hearts as writing prompts in a poem or story.

Reminders From the Repair Center

Students should not be bringing their chargers to school. They are supposed to stay at home. Please help encourage our awesome students to leave chargers at home for the following reasons:

  • They are easy to lose and mix up with other student’s chargers. If a student turns in another student’s charger at the end of the year, they don’t credit for a charger being turned in. The student who the charger was assigned to gets the credit (and a refund if they already purchased a replacement).
  • Chargers are NOT covered by the $35 insurance.
  • They are trip hazards in the classroom. There are already enough obstacles in the classrooms, the last thing we need is cables across the floor added to the mix.

FYI, Chargers and styluses ARE covered if they stop working with no apparent signs of damage (or the stylus tip breaks).

If you find any student chargers bring them down to the repair center. Please do not hold on to them. They are numbered and will be returned to the students.

Thanks to everyone who sends students to the repair center with a work order and their case. It makes a big difference in helping them prepare for the expectations in high school. Not to mention keeps their device safe in transit.

Are You Using WorkPlace???

Have you joined your KISD colleagues on Workplace yet? Klein ISD has adopted an enhanced way of communicating across the District. All employees have full access to this powerful (and FREE) team-building collaboration tool. Click HERE to claim your account and click HERE to manage your email notifications.


  • Look for weekly Hildebrandt Hub which will provide information about technology tips and upcoming trainings.

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