Mrs. Lang's Counseling Capsule

6th Grade Counselor, Skyview Upper Elementary School


Colbie Caillat Brighter Than The Sun by Kitekite

For the Week of September 15, 2014

The School Counselor's Schedule

Monday, September 15

Lunchroom visits by the Counselor

Tuesday, September16

11:45 - 12:30 USA Team Meeting /Parent Meeting

12:30 - 1:15 Celestials Team Meeting

2:45-3:15 BLAST - Committee Meetings

Wednesday, September 17

Lunchroom Visits by the Counselor (11 am lunch only)


Thursday, September 18

Lunchroom Visits by the Counselor (11 am lunch only)

12:30 - 1:15 OTERO Classroom Counseling Lesson

2:45 BLAST - Leadership Development

Friday, September 19

Morning Admin Meeting

Lunchroom Visits by the Counselor

Student Birthdays this week...

Due to regulations posed by the Methacton Acceptable Use Policy, I am unable to list student birthdays in the Counseling Capsule. You will continue to receive birthday pencils/bookmarks for students celebrating birthdays during the week in your mailbox sometime on each Monday.

The 6th Grade BLAST Post

This is where I will post news from BLAST, my student leadership group Being Leaders And Serving Together.

Students in BLAST do school based community service projects. BLAST members are responsible for making posters to highlight spirit weeks, finding quotes to read on the AM announcements, and more.

Awesome Assemblers Committee. Students on this committee are responsible for assembling the Pillarific Slips you have received, the Birthday Bookmark/Pencils for recognition of student birthdays, the Character Counts! Pencils/ Mustaches that will be given out in October during Character Counts Week, and more.

If you have anything you want assembled, you may give it to the BLAST Awesome Assemblers, and we will assemble it for you! We are demonstrating the pillars of Trustworthiness, Responsibility, and Citizenship through our service to Skyview in this way.

A list of BLAST members is on the Y Drive under "Lang/Blast".


Music ensembles and make up work take precedence over BLAST.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, student members are to report to Mrs. Lang at 2:45 pm to pick up their Committee Work and task assignments.

Counseling Clips Coming Soon!

I am so excited to be teaming up with Mrs. Rutter and the students to bring you Counseling Clips! These are short videos that will be created by me and / or students that you will be able to show during a flex period, or any time you want to. Videos will be about 5 minutes in length and be about a topic related to the counseling program, my counseling lessons, contests, the pillars of character, spirit weeks, special recognition days, monthly winners of the attendance raffles, motivational messages, and more!

I will be inviting students to sign up to create skits for or participate in the Counseling Clips on a homeroom by homeroom basis. My goal is to create a Counseling Clip each week to include in the Counseling Capsule and archive on my website each Monday. That way you can access it any day you want to!

Links to Remember

Student Referral Link (we can do this together at team meetings or you can do this any time you want to send me info on a student concern)

Sign Up Genius (used for curriculum based classroom counseling lessons that I do with all homerooms. If you want something additional just email me! I'd be happy to come in!)

This link is just to the site for those who wanted to see it. It is not an active sign up.

When we schedule lessons, you will get an email from me, via this site, to select your time and date (that I enter into the online scheduler).

Mrs. Lang's Counseling Corner Website

Mrs. Lang's Character Counts! Lesson Plans and Resource Packet

Y Drive / Skyview/Public/ Lang/ Lang's Character Resources

Tips. Plans. Tools. Stuff You Can Use.

10 Terrific Ways to use one Ipad or Iphone in the classroom:

Google Templates for Teachers:

Kahoot! A Classroom Based Response System using Ipads, Laptops, and other personal devices. Uses a question and answer game format

12 Super Study Tools for Students

Hundreds of Fun IceBreaker Questions! use what you can, alter some, whatever!

Character Education Lesson Plans

Social Emotional Lesson Plans (15 minutes or less)

Inspiration...and a Laugh or Two...Or Three!

Ok. I have 3 videos I want to share this week. This week, I wanted to share Jim Carrey's inspirational video with you (Thank you Lindsey Stutz!) a video a teacher friend of mine in Western PA sent me of his students having a little fun on the first week of school AND.... the song and video that is cracking me up lately....Weird Al Yankovic's Word Crimes. English Teachers, Enjoy!

Jim Carrey's Secret of Life - Inspiring Message
Teachers Dancing
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes

Open Office Raffle Winners

Thank you to everyone for stopping by and sharing ideas with me! Here are the winners as pulled by A1 and A2! We numbered the prizes, then drew names and numbers out of a Tonka Truck.

First Days of School, by Drs. Rosemary and Harry Wong....Sharon Caplan

First Days of School, by Drs. Rosemary and Harry Wong....Ike Au

Dvd (Drs. Rosemary and Harry Wong)...Lindsey Stutz

Dvd (Drs. Rosemary and Harry Wong)...Leigh Purnell

$25 Starbucks Gift Card...Deb Reppa

$25 Wegmans Gift Card...Jodi Matriccino

$25 Gift Card to GLOW in Phoenixville (try the massage by KB Schubert!)...Cynthia Kim

Autographed Copy of "What's Under Your Cape" by Barbara Gruener... Emily Otero

If you cannot find use for your prize, please pay it forward to another teacher or a student teacher in your life and tell them that they too are a child's champion.

Prizes will be placed in your mailboxes.

I appreciate all you do for our students at the 'View!

Have a great week, everyone!

Beth Lang