Colts Roundup

Date: October 13, 2019

Quote of the Week

"Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much."

-George Eliot

Weekly Message

Thank you for your time in meeting with the parents of your students this month. It is such an important time to build relationships with your families and give them much needed information on how their child is growing as a learner. Please let us know if you need support for any conferences. Enjoy and spread joy in the week ahead!

Peter, Sarah, and Aaryn

School News

  • Shout Outs: To all staff that helped plan and attend Curriculum Night this past Tuesday! We had a great turnout.
  • Wednesday: We will have our vertical team meetings this Wednesday.
  • Leadership Team Meeting: We are rescheduling the Leadership Team meeting planned for this Tuesday to next Tuesday, 10/22.
  • Friday, 10/18: We've had several staff members request this coming Friday off. We currently have six positions unfilled with five of those being homerooms. We will have to split classes, as we do not have enough staff to cover all the needs. If you are not going to be here on Friday, you will need to leave a split class list.
  • Proposed Elementary Attendance Zones: The proposal for the new zones is available on the district's web page. SES currently has 724 students that would attend our school not counting DBES overflow. The current proposal for next year would have 811 students attending SES without shuttles. The current proposal has additional areas added to SES. Please see the information available for full details.
  • Turning into Ice Cream Sundae's: This has been rescheduled to this Wednesday at 1:15 due to the day missed last Thursday.
  • Parent Conferences: Homeroom teachers, it is the expectation that you meet with the parents of all of your students this month. Phone conferences are okay if parents are unable to come in.
  • Teacher Workday, 10/21: There are no meetings or PD planned for this day. It is for you to use for your conferences or planning time. As long as you get your hours in, you may come in early and leave early, or you may come in later and leave later. Please let us know if you have questions.

Staff Birthdays

None This Week

Upcoming Events

  • 10/14: Anti Bullying Assemblies (4th, 1st, K at 8:00 & 5th, 2nd, 3rd at 9:00 in cafeteria), Hosting District Reading Coach Meeting in MC, School Board visit 12:15-1:00
  • 10/15: Bridal Shower for Alexis Pattinson at 2:50 in MC; PTA Spirit Night at Charanda's
  • 10/16: Ice Cream Sundae at 1:15 on bus loop; Vertical Team Meetings
  • 10/17: Kindergarten to the Greenway; Earthquake Drill
  • 10/18: Weather Make-Up Day
  • 10/21: Teacher Workday