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February 13th

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Show some love to your display - select your February sampling day!

This February, we’re sharing the love and giving you the opportunity to show more love to your Trunk Show display by selecting your own sampling day! How?! It’s easy! Book a February Trunk Show, enter it into your Trunk Show Planner & receive 50% off you can use for one sample order any day you’d like in February!

Top 10 in sales

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Top in qualified stylists

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Congrats to all who have Qualified 1 Stylist

Erin Hackett

Amanda Wilson

Rebecca Creighton

Elizabeth Wagner

Lynette Addair

Ashley Weisman-Kutch

Nicole Hinton

Corinne Inman

Jessica Spence

Sherry Lim

Anna Maxheimer

Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Jumping over 1,000

Autumn Agugliaro $1,028

Earned over $400

Whitney Steele $441

Leslie Sarapu $431

Colleen Hall $430

Naruemon Cheatham $421

Molly Buenemann $404

Earned over $300

Whitney Playl$390

Leslie Kline $375

Lindsay Dawson $373

Scotty Thornton $363

Claire Capuano $347

Virginia Nelman $338

Christa Henderson $336

Kimberly DiVincenzo-Root $334

Amy Coddens $332

Amy Follmer $317

Lex Beiniks $316

Jamie Park $310

Pamela English $310

Ryann Samsel $301

Amy Mizenko $301

Earned Over $200

Monica Denny $294

Kayla Satterlee $293

Meagan Wright $292

Brittany Turner $290

Heather Hudson $287

Emily Schroeder $282

Natalie Parr $278

Caitlin Fennell $275

Amanda Kirkendall $269

Rachael Carter $265

Jodie Dykema $256

Lisa Lawson $255

Jordan Carter $254

Kristie Dodson $241

Ronna Akins $240

Trisha Merker $238

Nikki Carrington $230

Rcik Myskey $227

Zara Williams $225

Marissa Studebaker $220

Melanie Bryant $220

Hailee Smith $216

Britney Huff $213

Jen Gilbert $212

Michaela Rychener $211

Rebekah Winkler $210

Melanie Tadrick $208

Katie Kirby $208

Sally Miller $208

Ellen Nuckols $205

Anjie Henry $205

Peggy Matzen $203

Earned Over $100

Natalie Endicott $111

Weekly Opportunity Calls & Webinars

Training Tuesday with Danielle

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 7:00 AM - 7:10 AM EST

Join Danielle for your bi-monthly dose on basic training to prospect, sell, and grow your business. You will walk away inspired and ready to take action.

This will be sent via the buzz to listen as a podcast


Style BOSS Bootcamp

Saturday, February 18, 2017 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM CST

Aloft Nashville-Cool Springs

7109 S Springs Dr
Franklin, TN 37067

Hope Everyone has a great Week!! Let me know if you need anything!

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