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In this video it is shown a sexist situation at an extreme. It may seem a joke, but even nowadays these kind of situations where women are undervalued still exist.

We have ever gone to a lunch where men are the only ones who bring the thread of the conversation while women keep aside of the situation. Moreover, when men tell funny comments, women keep their smile intact, even if these comments aren't funny.

Harry Enfield - Women know your limits


Victor,a 12-years-old constestant of Junior Masterchef, made a sexist remark in one of the episodes of the program. The boy expressed the opinion that women instinctively know how to clean, thanks to genetics.

The comment of this boy ignited the social networks with many people giving their opinion about the situation. Some of the users attributed the fault of this sexist comment to the education that the boy recibed at home. Neverthless, Victor's mother affirmed that there is total equality between the members of his family, besides her husband and she share the chores 100%.

In my personal opinion, Victor's thoughts are the mirror of what society is. Maybe the problem was not caused by his educaction at home but it's found in what society teaches to us since we are little.

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I don't think that ''soft'' is the suitable adjective to express that men are becoming less interested in DIY projects than before.

Maybe the declining of these kind of projects have another explanations which are not the current softness of men. Maybe the do it yourself is dying out as a result of the decline in home ownership or because the advices of these activities are less attractive.

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There are infinite problems in the world which could be solved if society was more concerned about it.

Now that the majority of politicians and powerful people are not doing the things in the appropietly way, we can only put hope on the future generations. If we want to change the world, first we have to teach how to do it to the upcoming residents of this world. In order to do that, I think that schools should teach the global issues to their students and give them the appropriate values to make a good change.

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I think that modern society has surpassed the myth that each gender can be influential only in certain tasks. However,some still believe that there are specific jobs in which only one group, either males or females, can be productive.

Many people think that gender differences play a very important role in the fact whether a person can be successful in a profession or not. For exemple, the physical nature of women enables them to work in specific jobs where physical power is not required, such as nursing, teaching, or working in maintaining social relations in organizations. This can be supported by some researches that found women have better communication skills than men. On the other hand, it is unlikely to find women working on operating heavy machines, building houses or farming

From my point of view, both males and females can perform in any job very well. Thanks to the new advanced technology, many hard works have become much easier; hence women are not restricted by their physical nature as machines can compensate their physical weakness. Similarly, men have also proven that they can be successful in the tasks that was believed they were females' jobs such as designing or cooking.
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