Nuclear Fusion

5/8/16: A date to remember

Today I, Tyler Rouse and my fellow colleagues Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark have discovered a new type of energy called nuclear fusion in Tony Stark's lab. This energy will change the world in many different ways.

What is fusion power?

Fusion power is when atomic nuclei fuse and form a heavier nucleus. When they combine they release energy. The sun and many other stars use this same energy and release it as radiation.

Nuclear fusion vs. fission

  • Nuclear fusion has less radioactive particles than nuclear fission
  • Nuclear fusion occurs naturally unlike nuclear fission
  • Nuclear fusion takes a lot more energy to make than nuclear fission
  • Nuclear fusion energy is three to four times greater than nuclear fission energy

So is it safe?

Nuclear fusion is very safe but one of the worst things that could happen like nuclear fission that if it is not used carefully, it can explode and create nuclear waste

Nuclear fusion saves the day!

Nuclear fusion changes the world as we know it. One day it could be in everyone's household. Nuclear fusion could also get rid of the impacts of fossil fuels and global warming.