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Mollie B Hoover Elementary

In the Library

Bruce Lansky will be here on October 6th and 7th. We have been preparing for his visit in the library by reading some giggle poetry, learning about the importance of poetry structure (stanzas, verses, titles, line breaks), and copying poetry to decorate the halls with. Students are anxious to write their own poems, something they will get a chance to do in workshops with Bruce when he comes.

We've continued to review where to find materials in the library. Students have also been introduced to the 10 groups of classifications in the Dewey Decimal system. Students played a fun game on the computer using a "kahoot" Mrs. Smith created. This is an interactive way to quickly assess students and provide immediate feedback.

Students are asked to use the 5 finger test to locate their just right chapter book in the library. If you notice any of your students continuing to check out books that are not within their reading level, please consider addressing this with them when you conference with students. It's also important to notice students who are not finishing their books. Any reader has the right to abandon a book they don't like after they've given it a fair try (2-4 chapters). However, certain readers frequently begin new books, but seldom finish them. These readers need support and direction in deciding when it's appropriate to drop a book and when it's necessary to be persistent in finishing a book they've started.

Here's an interesting article on 10 Reasons Non-Readers Don't Read- And How to Change Their Mind.

New to You

Real American Stories by Bob Quirk

Bob Quirk is a local author. He lives about 15 minutes west of Crawfordsville near Newtown. These books would be a perfect supplement to your 4th grade Indiana History curriculum. These short stories include a Civil War soldier diary, when electricity first came to our area, and stories about Wingate's two state basketball championships. Check these out!