Team Steamrollers Monthly Update

January 2013

Fellow Steamroller,

I wanted to take a quick moment to congratulate everyone on yet another Fabulous Month. Even with January typically being the slowest month of the year, we ended the month at $295,352.36 in WHOLESALE orders. I can't say how proud of each and every one of you.

Congrats to Julie Lobos for winning the " I did it" challenge in January. It was such a great hit and we had a ton of designers who reached the $99 goal. With that being said, for anyone on the team who reaches $99 in pv for the month of February, you will be entered into a drawing to receive $70 in Vista Print product. All you have to do is personally email me ( once you've hit the $99 requirement and say " I did it" along with your name and designer number. Those who don't email me won't be entered into the drawing.

Top Sales

Keep up the awesome work, ladies and gents ;)

Top 5 Team Sales:

Michelle Levitt - $164,136.82

Laura Ausbrooks - $48,107.02

Janet Padilla - $30,103.58

Marlee Fritzsch - $17,386.45

Cheryl Leising - $16,653.69

Top 10 Personal Sales:

Cheryl Fain - $5,313.91

Miranda Bennett - $3,822.46

Amy Fisher - $3,051.95

Ashley Leibelt - $2,869.30

Kristy Blankenship - $2,531.74

Kathi Philpot - $2,527.30

Lorri Moffett - $2,384.87

Malinda Mitchell - $2,349.00

Tammy Peterson - $2,340.40

Coehlo Sisters - $2,089.20

July Conference

Make plans now to be with us at National Conference @ the Phoenix Convention Center July 12-1, 2013. Hotel rooms are available in surrounding areas. Registration site opening early February. Early bird registration is just $175 so take advantage of the discount if you can. - make plans to be there most of Friday - agenda isn't done yet.


Congrats to those who have promoted in the month of January 2013.

  • Director
Michelle Levitt

  • Executive Team Leader
Laura Ausbrooks

  • Senior Team Leader
Cheryl Leising
Debra & Tatiana Saucedo
Julie Johnson - Lobos

Ashley Bentley

Lori Walenga

Malinda Mitchell

Tiffany Pellerin

Brittani Hoffman

Theresa Woolworth

Tammy Miller

Vanessa Ramirez

Lorri Moffatt

  • Team Leader

Tara Freeland

Erica Jimenez

Sherri Smith

Amy Fisher

Tiffany Harper

Mary Whittle

Melissa Davis

Joy Barr

Whitney Tilson

Josephine Tofani

Kristy Youngblood

Nikki Pirvu

Kim Reeves

Amy Causey

Anna Ware

Brandy Edwards

Christian Jesse

Dana Gallagher

Elizabeth Winters

Foiana Kimble

Kristi Deer

Laura Gowen

Mary Jaquish

Patti Merendo

Sharon Crain

Sunni Bienvenu

Lorrie Kelbel

Sue Hans

Stacie Hartwig

Desiree Lawson

Krysten Peterson

What are your goals?

It’s a great time to review and look forward to 2013. Goal setting is not always a one time event. It’s a continual event; there were several goals this year that I have finally completed that were set over a year ago.

I still had a timeline on it, but when I reached the timeline but not the goal I certainly did not beat myself up and think that I was a failure. I just moved the timeline.

As you move into 2013 and think about what you are going to achieve in your direct media selling, here are four questions and answers for you to think about.

Question #1: Are your goals realistic?

When you set your direct sales goals they need to be challenging, but realistic, if you create a sales target, figure out a goal right down to the day. If your goal was to generate $5,000 in sales, then you need to work out how you are going to get your first $1,000 then $2,000 and so on.

Question #2 : Do you forget? Yes you do.

Have a daily plan; at some time in the day, be it morning, or sometimes during that day I do a certain ritual with all my goals. Write it down. Then you will never forget.

Question #3 Have you patted yourself on the Back?

If you can reward yourself, do something that anchors your achievement. If your goal was to generate $200 in new business over the next 7 days and you achieve it or have moved towards it, then on the 8th buy something for yourself. Enjoy your effort.

Even if it is only 10% of the total sale.

Question #4 Time marches on.

I read somewhere that everyone has 168 hours in the week. Everyone. Goal setting and keeping track is paramount if you want to achieve your goals. The direct media salespeople who are the most successful are the time keepers.

Finally, remember, all work and no play could make you boring and unbalanced. If you can, learn to laugh as you play with your goals and your career.

Lets get out there, do our best and have some fun as well.