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Hormone Therapy for Losing Weight in San Diego

Today the trend is to lose weight and maintain a perfect figure. San Diego has a clinic that uses hormone therapy for losing weight. Here is a doctor who is MD has wide experience in weight management, nutrition and well being, along with his specialist, management and dieticians to help you. The atmosphere is relaxed, compassionate and all out to help you in weight management. He offers a weight loss program that is affordable and successful. Appetite suppressants are given to help in weight loss. There is check in weight every month to follow the program and maintain accountability. Four weeks of medications are included in the visits to help in the program.

Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are hormones that have the same molecular level and are identical to the hormones produced in your body. These hormones contain testosterone, thyroid, estrogen and others substances. These bioidentical hormones are used in hormone replacement to rectify the effects of unbalanced and low hormones. Hormone imbalance can be checked by testing blood which is sent to specific labs and only if required a bioidentical hormone is prescribed. Hormone imbalance can cause a wide range of health problems which can be rectified by using bioidentical hormones.

Problems caused by Hormone Deficiency

Problems caused by hormone deficiency are many. Sometimes you are attacked by fatigueand feel that you have no energy to do anything around your workplace. This is caused by low testosterone in the hormone. This also reduces your sex drive and you feel listless. In the case of males they get few and weak erections. The body fat increases and you feel too heavy to move about and depression sets in. Low testosterone reduces the strength and the muscle mass too is reduced. The strength of the bones is reduced and a feeling of weakness sets in which keeps you sitting most of the time. Reduces body hair and sometimes males do not have to shave so often. There are hot flushes and sweats. Sometimes in the middle of the night you get up sweating and need to cool yourself. These are mostly the symptoms of low testosterone but could be any other ailment so it is better to go to this hormone testing centre and get it checked.

Naturopathic Cancer Treatment in San Diego

San Diego has an Institute to provide naturopathic cancer treatment. It is a nonprofit organization which strives to do its best for people suffering from cancer. This is a natural treatment that tries to activate the body to heal itself by giving the people organic vegetarian diet with raw juices, natural supplements and enemas. Gerson Institute has been in service for the last 60 years providing help to people suffering from different ailments. People suffering from colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis and auto immune disorders have been helped with this therapy. This Institute provides training programs for practitioners, care givers and patients to help them with the benefits of this therapy. Getting fully trained is the first step for the patient to use this program for recovery.

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Our Naturopathic doctors support people with cancer to use Naturopathic Cancer Treatment San Diego and prevent or reduce side effects of standard cancer treatments in San Diego.

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