A plain old image? No! Make your pictures interactive!

What is Thinglink?

Imagine a picture that you are able to click on that provides additional text, links and information...and it's easy! Thinglink is an online webtool that is simple and exciting, that can produce a different spin for your classroom lessons.

Watch the video below to get a preview of how Thinglink is used in a commercial business.

To get started, click the Thinglink button below to create your account.

Thinglink Challenge

1. Click on the 'Create' button (red + located in the top right corner)

2. Click Upload from harddrive' and Choose Images or Drag and Drop Here. Find the image located on your computer

3. Once your image has been uploaded, click and drag to add a "tag" on your image. The "tag" can be resized using the handles on the corners.

4. In the left frame, change the Icon Image, add a Link or Image Address, add Text (with formatting), and Save.

To earn the badge, your Thinglink must include 10 tags total: 2 'Text' tags, 2 'image' tags, and 6 'URL link' tags.

Need an example?

Here is a picture of my daughter, Hayden. Click on the 'buttons' for a quick message!

How do you earn a badge?

Submit your Thinglink!

How to get the link to your Thinglink:

1. Pull up your image (not in edit mode)

2. Click on the 'Share' button

3. Highlight and 'Copy' the link

4. Click on the Thinglink Badge button to go to the submission form and 'Paste' the link into the form and submit.

**Before you submit your link, make sure you have 10 tags total!**

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