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Lost Materials & Book Requests: If a book has been lost or damaged while on loan in your district, please let us know! Your district does not owe any fee for the item. We ask that you let us know so that we can keep up-to-date numbers on our collection. If there is a book title or DVD that you would like to use in the future, please let me know. We are beginning to put together purchase orders.

Courier Delivery: If you have ordered multiple copies of a book (generally more than 5 copies or so) please expect your items to be delivered on your specific courier day. Anything more than 5 copies is generally to heavy for the bus drivers to carry. If you are unsure of your courier delivery day, please contact me.

Booking Multiple books: Multiple books are booked out by COPY, not as classroom sets. If you are looking to order more than one copy of a book, you must enter the amount in the "how many" spot on the ordering page. If you run into any difficulties with this please let us know.

Login Refresher: Usernames and passwords are generally first initial last name. An additional A or B may be at the end of the username if you have a popular name. The generic password for everyone is WSWHEBOCES (not case sensitive). Passwords cannot be changed. Having a generic password makes our pass-through streaming service run smoothly and avoids having to login multiple times on different websites.

Resource Lists: The resource lists for PK-12 have been updated with new multiple books. The Battle of the Books resource lists have been updated as well. We now have at least 30 copies of ALL titles used during the Battle of the Books. Please keep in mind that resource lists are easy to use and create and are a great way to keep materials organized.

Regents Review: 2014 regents review videos are available streamed online thanks to WCNY. This link can also be found on the library catalog login page. Also, if we will be recording 2015 regents review videos for distribution. Once the schedule is published in May we will begin accepting copy requests.

March 20th is the first day of Spring!

Spring (021754)

DVD, P, 11 min.

This video explores the features of spring, focusing on the unique habits of plants, animals, and people during this season. Additional concepts and terminology: season, sunlight, warmth, hibernation, migration, revolution, axis, and equinox.

And Then It's Spring (022672)

DVD, P, 8 min.

A young boy and his dog decide they have had enough of winter, so they resolve to plant a garden. Join them as they savor the anticipation of new growth.

Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms (021779)

DVD, P, 8 min.

Fletcher loves everything about Spring, but then Fletcher sees something he never expected to see in spring: snow! And it turns out that spring has another surprise in store for Fletcher - a warm and wondrous one.

Maple Syrup: Smoke & Kettles (022414)

DVD, PI, 9 min.

It's a beautiful spring day to visit the "Sugarbush" where young viewers see the collection and making of maple syrup. From the frigid sap of winter to the glorious warmth of syrup spring, capture the kettle boiling process rich in pioneer tradition and flavor.

Seasons (022313)

DVD, IJS, 55 min.

This program takes a trip through the seasons, from the eruption of spring through the summer and the autumn to the dormancy of winter. The program also looks at the Earth as a planet, the sun as a star, and the human quest to understand the relationship between the two.

The Surprise Garden (250017)

big book, P

This story tells about a group of children who plant a variety of seeds in their garden. Since they don't know what kinds of seeds they are planting, they are rewarded by a variety of wonderful surprises as their garden grows. Includes 1-Big Book, 25 individual classroom books and a Teacher guide.

Growing Vegetable Soup (250006)

big book, P

This simple, colorful book shows readers the steps, seeds, plants, and tools for growing a vegetable garden. Book by Lois Ehlert. Contents: 1 big book, 1 teacher's guide, 1 audio-cassette, and 25 individual classroom books.

World Math Day & Pi Day are in March!

Math For Students DVD Series

021822-021833 Intermediate Grades

In Math for Students , everyday situations are intrinsically linked to an understanding of basic math concepts and then applied to more complex problems. Designed to support NCTM Standards for grades 4-7, real-world math problems are presented and then solved by using a variety of strategies, which include estimation, mental math and traditional algorithms. As students move from the concrete world of fraction strips, measuring cups and drawing sketches to the abstract world of algebraic equations, integer operations and number theory, they are helped along with hints, reminders and a look at the various ways in which a problem can be solved. (titles listed below)

021822 Addition and Subtraction

021823 Algebraic Thinking

021824 Data Collection, Organization and Graphing

021825 Decimals: Concepts and Operations

021826 Fractions: Concepts and Operations

021827 Geometry: Triangles and Other Polygons

021828 Integers and the Coordinate Plane

021829 Measurement: Solids, Circles and Standard Units

021830 Multiplication and Division

021831 Probability and Statistics

021832 Problem Solving Strategies

021833 Ratios, Proportions and Percent

Algebra For Students DVD Series

021812-021821 Junior/ Senior Grades

In Algebra for Students , students will learn about the power of algebra as a tool for representing, analyzing and generalizing situations, and they will also explore several functions, including linear, quadratic and exponential. Real-world applications of algebra are shown in multiple forms through tables, graphs and equations, and common errors and misconceptions are highlighted. (titles listed below)

021812 Analyzing Inequalities

021813 Exponential Functions

021814 Functions and Relations

021815 Patterns and Formulas

021816 Systems of Linear Equations

021817 Quadratic Functions

021818 Variables, Expressions and Equations

021819 Linear Equations and Slope

021820 Polynomials

021821 The Pythagorean Theorem & Right Triangles

Math Curse 021216 DVD, P

One morning a little girl wakes up to find everything in life

arranging itself into a math problem, and she must find her way

out of the Math Curse!

Bill Nye’s Solving for X : Pre-Algebra, 021840 DVD, JS

Bill Nye the Science Guy takes on key concepts learned in

pre-algebra through creative and fun approaches. Students will learn to

apply algebraic concepts to the world around them.

Bill Nye’s Solving for X : Algebra, 021841 DVD, JS

Join Bill Nye the Science Guy as he teaches principles in algebra such as

exponents, fractions and proportions in fun and engaging ways. Nye's

approach to learning important mathematical concepts will help students

apply algebra to the real world.

The Doorbell Rang 250004 Big Book, P

Through the story of two siblings who divided a plate of cookies among

an ever increasing number of guests, this book conveys the importance of

sharing and teaches simple math concepts.

Search for these streaming videos:

Math in Our Lives: Currency

Math in Our Lives: Numbers

Math in Our Lives: More and Less

The World of Circles

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th!

Holidays for Children: St. Patrick's Day

021393 DVD PI

This exciting program features many popular traditions that celebrate St. Patrick in Ireland, the United States and Canada. Children learn how to create a leprechaun hand puppet and also learn about the history of these tiny tricksters in the folktale Seamus and the Leprechaun. A brief historical biography of St. Patrick is provided, as well as an overview of Irish immigration to North America. A demonstration of traditional Irish music and step-dancing completes the festive celebration.

Check out these great streaming titles!

Who Was St. Patrick?

An Introduction to St. Patrick's Day

Video Quiz: St. Patrick's Day

How Do People Celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

Holiday Facts & Fun: St. Patrick's Day

Holiday Facts & Fun: St. Patrick's Day, 2nd Edition

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