New Elephants at Brookfield Zoo!

New Plans for the Elephants


The zoo will get two Asian Elephants, one female and one male. The reasons are...

  • Eats more so people have more attractions.
  • Weighs less so easier to deal with.
  • Shorter so less material.
  • So there can be more elephants
  • Also so people can see both a female and male.

Why we are Moving it from to Pachyderm House?

We are moving it so they will be alone to be more calm and also so they can have more space.
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Care Plan

The zookeepers are going to have to...

  • Clean their cages
  • Someone needs to do waste removal
  • Give them water and their food
  • Wash the elephant twice a week
  • The vet needs give them a check up
  • Someone needs to keep record keeping
  • Check cages at night
  • Clean the water in the pool