The lives of the computers

By Callum Clemons


A monitor is the screen that shows you what you are doing. There are two types of monitor and they both have their advantages.


There are R drives, dics drives and hard drives these are all different types of drives and they all do different things.


CPU is short for Central Processing Unit. A CPU is like the brain of a computer. You give the command to the CPU and the the CPU gives the command  for what has been requested.


a RAM is a Random Access Memory it provides space for your computer to read and write data to be accessed by the CPU.


ROM is a Read Only Memory it means the computer memory chips are containing permanent or semi-permanent data.


A motherboard is the main board of the computer. It contains all necessary parts such as CPU (Central Processing Unit) your drives such as your HDD or CD/DVD burners etc. The motherboard is the biggest necessary part required for the computers


inputs and outputs are things that put infomation into a computer. for example a mouse, a ceyboard and a webcam

touch screen

a touch screen is a sesative monitor that hasa  transparent panel covering the screen. Instead of using a mouce you can just use your thinger