Klein High Choir Weekly Update

Week 12

Next Week at a Glance - Nov 8-13

Mon - Region Choir Rehearsal at College Park HS

Tue -

Wed -

Thur -

Fri - Region Choir Rehearsal at Lake Creek HS

Sat - Region Choir Clinic & Concert at Lake Creek HS

Region Choir Week is Here

Twenty-six Klein High choir students will participate in the All-Region Choir next week. They are preparing an incredible concert for next Saturday.

- Monday is a rehearsal is College Park HS from 5:30-8:00.

- Friday is a rehearsal at Lake Creek HS from 5:30-8:30.

- Saturday students need to bring their uniform with them as they will perform later that day.

Concert Schedule for Saturday

5:30 pm - Honor Choir

6:15 pm - Treble Choir

7:00 pm - Mixed Choir

Due to spacing in the school auditorium we are treating this as three separate concerts and students are free to leave after their concert.

Thanksgiving Social - POTLUCK!!!!!

All students and their families are invited to participate in our annual Potluck on Tuesday, Nov 16. The students have already started to sign up to bring a favorite dish to share. We would love to see you at our Potluck. It will be held in the KHS cafeteria from 6:00-7:30 pm.

Upcoming Performances

Tuesday, December 7 - Non-Varsity Choir Holiday Concert in the KHS Auditorium

Thursday, December 9 - Varsity Choir Holiday Concert in the KHS Auditorium



A resource for all Klein Choir information can be found at kleinchoir.com

Forms, trip information, announcements, all-state information, booster club information, recordings, and more

Contact Information

The preferred mode of communication for us is email

Tim Winebrenner 832-484-4089 - twinebrenner@kleinisd.net

Rebecca Berger 832-484-4088 - rhickman1@kleinisd.net