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Unemployment Due to Criminal Records

Prisons and criminal records contribute to the issue of poverty. Criminal records stand in the way of people getting jobs, and unemployment is one of the root causes of poverty. People are treated unfairly because of their criminal background , making it difficult to start a new life. Former convicts are unable to provide for their family after incarceration. Many landlords and employers use background checks to keep people out of housing and employment. Criminal backgrounds lead to debt, adding to the problem.


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"Take Action"

We will help those with a criminal record in their past get jobs. By advocating for laws that allow criminal records to be cleared after proving to a court that one has rehabilitated, we help those stuck in poverty due to criminal records be able to attain jobs.

Ways to advocate for this issue that you can take are, send letters or emails to your county representative or state representative.


iEngage Summer Civics Institute- Group 8