WLWV School Board Briefs

April 7, 2020

The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board held a virtual public meeting on Monday, April 6. The following are highlights from that meeting.

School Board Recognizes Nutrition Services, Facilities, Custodial, Teaching, IT Staff Among Others

The Board recognized staff across West Linn-Wilsonville for their tremendous efforts during this unprecedented global pandemic. The Nutrition Services Department has handed out more than 10,000 meals since the extended closure, district staff successfully delivered 2,672 Chromebooks last week, and facilities staff have completed deep cleaning of all school facilities. Teaching staff returned to work last week, creating enhanced supplemental learning for all students this week, and are hard at work preparing for Distance Learning for All. Thank you, West Linn-Wilsonville Team!

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ludwig Presents Distance Learning for All Update

Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ludwig presented an overview of the West Linn-Wilsonville School District's planning for Distance Learning for All during the April 6 meeting. The presentation included the timeline for how the State of Oregon arrived at Distance Learning for All, what planning looks like for the week of April 6, and what students and families can expect when Distance Learning for All launches on Monday, April 13.

The district will provide further guidance and information for students and parents during the week of April 6 following direction from the Oregon Department of Education. We greatly appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we work through these unprecedented times to provide the best learning environment possible for all students.

The full presentation can be downloaded and viewed above. Key elements for every student, educator, and parent to know include:

  • Learning will be asynchronous, meaning students and families will be able to learn on their own schedule depending on what works best for each individual student.
  • Every student will regularly connect with their teacher(s).
  • Teachers and students will prioritize time together to focus on the most important or relevant learning.
  • Teachers, families, and caregivers will work as a team, anchored in partnership. Together, teachers and families will co-facilitate learning, design consistent routines, and establish the learning environment.
  • Teachers will continue to monitor, report, and record each student's progress towards learning goals and standards, encouraging critical problem solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity.
  • Schools will provide multiple, flexible opportunities, especially for high school students, to earn credit on their pathway to graduation.

School Board Approves District Student Investment Account Grant Application

The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board approved the District's Student Investment Account (SIA) Grant Application during the April 6 Board meeting. The district will now submit the application to the state for final approval.

The State of Oregon Student Success Act (HB 3427) allocated much-needed funds for Oregon K-12 schools through a Student Investment Account (SIA) non-competetive grant. Set to be implemented in 2020-21, the SIA is estimated to provide close to $500 million to Oregon school districts. As of now, the West Linn-Wilsonville School District expects to receive approximately $7.6 million annually.

After taking in input from various stakeholder groups throughout the district, West Linn-Wilsonville created a three-year SIA plan, aligned to the district's Continuous Improvement Plan, that describes district priorities that emerged from a needs assessment and identified outcomes, actions, and strategies to meet those needs. To read about district priorities, as well as the seven strategies the district outlined in its grant application, please read the draft presented to the Board on April 6.

Strategies aim to promote teacher collaboration, provide individualized instructional time, promote a culture of learning that is responsive to the needs of students from historically disadvantaged groups, seek community partnerships to support students' behavioral and mental health, and increase efforts to improve attendance.

District Revises Budget Process Timeline

Following the Governor's Stay Home, Save Lines Executive Order 20-21 that was announced on March 23, the West Linn-Wilsonville School District has altered its budget process to adhere to state and federal guidelines around COVID-19 and social distancing. The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board approved a new budget timeline during the April 6 Board meeting. That revised timeline is as follows:

  • May 29 — Budget Listening and Learning Session in the form of an online webinar and survey
  • June 8 — Superintendent's Budget Message (the Budget Committee receives the budget message and proposed budget document)
  • June 22 — Budget Committee Work Session
  • June 24 — Additional Budget committee Work Session (if needed)
  • June 29 — Budget Hearing and Adoption
  • June 30 — Last day to adopt the 2020-21 Budget

About West Linn-Wilsonville

The West Linn-Wilsonville School District is nationally recognized for its high student and staff achievement, including one of the top graduation rates in the State of Oregon. West Linn-Wilsonville serves nearly 10,000 K-12 students across 16 schools in West Linn and Wilsonville, with a mission of creating learning communities for the greatest thinkers and the most thoughtful people for the world. WLWV strives to provide challenging education opportunities that prepare students to be college and career ready.