By Chelsea

What Type of Animals are There in Thailand?


There are 7 species of Pangolians. All very different. They eat different food than the rest of their family. But the Pangolians can do something very amazing indeed! They can make their scales bigger when they are threatened or frightened.

Clouded Leopard

The Clouded Leopard gets it's name because of the spots the leopard has look like clouds! Their bodies are almost 1 meter long! But their tails are almost as long as their bodies. Their tails are 90 cm long!


Tapir colours are black and white, sometimes half of their bodies is is black while the other half is white. Or their bodies can be black with white stripes or spots. maybe it might be the other way around! But female Tapirs can only have one baby at a time

What do Thailand People Wear as Clothes?

Every Day Clothes

For every day clothes people in Thailand wear western clothes like us (t-shirts, skirts, jeans, dresses and pants). But sometimes the woman wear a cloth on the upper part of their body and a skirt on the lower part of their body

Party Clothes

For parties, Thailand people wear extraordinary, beautiful dresses with bright colours and wear red for wedding dresses

How do Thailand People Eat?

Thailand use a spoon and a fork. But, the fork doesn't do into the mouth! Instead it's used for breaking up the food and the spoon is for putting the food into the mouth.