Super Spike News

January 2016

Dear Families,

With the New Year comes the third habit from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 3: Put First Things First. In order to achieve balance, Covey suggests that one has to recognize that not doing everything that comes your way is okay. This means realizing when it’s all right to say no when necessary in order to focus on your highest priorities. Habit 3 is where Habits 1 and 2 come together.

Habits in Review:

Habit 1: Being proactive is about choice

Habit 2: Beginning with the End in Mind is about personal mission and vision

Habit 3 emphasizes not only time management, but “life management- your purpose values, roles, and priorities.” According to Covey, first things are those things you, personally, find of most worth. If you put first things first, you are organizing and managing time and events according to the personal mission you established in Habit 2.

RES had a tremendous first six months. Looking ahead, we keep our values, mission/vision, goals and “one word” in mind as we embark on the second half of the school-year. We need to stay the course and finish strong.

Thank you to all of the parents who joined us for Council Rock Education Week! We hope you enjoyed your time in the classrooms and/or attending one of the offered workshops. Your continued support and partnership is valued!



Covey, S. R. (2004). The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Simon & Schuster: New York, New York.

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Inside this Issue:

  • Upcoming dates to know
  • Grades in HAC
  • Attendance Letter to all parents
  • Grade level and specials news
  • Special events details
  • RSA corner: Donuts with Dad pictures!

Upcoming Dates:

2/2 & 2/3/16: RES School Musical "Summer Camp"

2/2/16: Groundhog Day (c'mon Spring!)

2/5/16: Representative Petri visits with 4th & 5th grades

2/8/16: Grades are available on the HAC

2/10/16: Giving Grocer order deadline!

2/11/16: Valentine's Day parties

2/11/16: Keep an eye on those backpacks: SRI scores are coming home for grades 3-6!

2/12/16: Schools Closed, In-service day

2/14/16: Happy Valentine's Day!

2/15/16: Schools Closed, President's Day

2/16-2/17/16: Spike Shop during lunches

2/17/16: RSA Meeting @ 9:30 a.m.

2/26/16: Father-Daughter Dance

Second Marking Period has ended!

Just like the first marking period, report cards will NOT be sent home. Your student's progress report will be available in your parent portal aka the H.A.C. on Monday, February 8th.

For additional information regarding the new progress reports, including instructions on how to print them, please click HERE.

Attendance Letter to All Parents

Please click me to read the latest news on your child's attendance at Council Rock schools.


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Each month our classes participate as a group to try to win the now coveted Golden Spoon Award. Classes are awarded points in the lunchroom for demonstrating Super Spike behavior. The class with the highest points at the end of the month gets bragging rights and gets to keep the big Golden Spoon for the month! Above is Mrs. Carey's rock star class who won the first round in December.

Congratulations to Ethan Akselrad, Sean Banks, Victoria Conden, Ava Cowden, Alexia Czapla, Marcus Dankulich, Christian Frank, Oliver Jakacki, Oscar Jakacki, Madeline Kennedy, Nick Lanza, Abigail Steiber, Sean Morgan, Evan Mostoller, Diana Newbauer, Caitlyn Pera, Sophia Pico, Erin Praul, Elana Rhoge, Bobby Snyder, Emersyn Spross, Conner Stratton, Ryder Tovsky, Garrick Vertsman & Peyton Wright!

Kindergarten News

January sure did fly by!

This month both classes had our 8th grade buddies come to visit and complete some fun projects! We also read and talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and wrote about how we can be a good friend and citizen in and outside of the classroom.

Ms. Hamilton’s class enjoyed Bear Day. We had a great time reading the Gingerbread Bear, writing detailed sentences about our teddy bears and graphing gummy bears.

We want to thank all the parents who came in during CR. Education Week! It was great that you were able to see our day to day curricular activities!

Coming Up:

Valentines Day Party: Thursday February 11th

A.M Kindergarten: 10:30-11:30
P.M Kindergarten: 2:30-3:30

100th Day: Friday, February 19th

A.M Kindergarten: 9:45-10:30
P.M Kindergarten: 2:45-3:30

-Ms. Hamilton & Mrs. Wagner

1st Grade Buzz

First grade started the new year with some "new" things! We wrote "new" goals for the rest of the year! We hung them up for everyone to read. We hope to see at the end of the year if we reached our goals. We also have a "new" student teacher, Ms. Mish, who is a great new addition to Mrs. Delfini's class. I am sure she will spend some time in Mrs. Barber/Mrs. Cantwell's class to see how that class works too. Speaking of Mrs Barber, she was the "new" teacher who did a fabulous job filling in for Mrs. Cantwell who was out. We are happy to have Mrs. Cantwell returning for the "new" month of February. One of our "new" words for the month is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! We love singing it!!!

-Mrs. Delfini, Mrs. Cantwell, Mrs. Jurney & Mrs. Edwards

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Did You Know Thomas Edison Loved to Experiment?!!!

In conjunction with our Language Arts curriculum, 3rd graders demonstrated their knowledge of Thomas Edison by creating a timeline and writing an informational essay proving that Edison loved to experiment. Students' light bulbs came on during this activity when they identified the main idea of the text, found supporting details and rewrote their notes in their own words. Way to go 3rd graders!

-Mrs. Rounsavill


2nd Grade Scoop

Fraction Fun

Second graders loved learning “fractions of a set” with a fun and colorful ice cream sundae craft. In this yummy activity, our second graders created their own fraction sundaes. Each scoop of ice cream was part of a whole (the sundae being the whole), students could use up to five kinds of ice cream to create their sundaes. Students decided how many scoops of ice cream and then which flavors to include in their bowls. We had chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream! Bowls were overflowing with delicious frozen fractions!

-Mrs. Rowan, Mrs. Foy, Mrs. Pithis, & Mrs. Mazen

3rd Grade Beat

Our third grade mathematicians have been busy learning their multiplication facts. So far, they have become fluent in the 0 through 6 times tables. Each week, the students make flashcards in order to practice the times table of the week. On Fridays, the students take a “quick check” fact test to demonstrate knowledge and fluency. The third graders are very motivated to earn a star sticker on our class chart each time they pass their quick check. They have been doing very well, and should continue to practice because more challenging times tables are ahead. We look forward to a third grade celebration when everyone masters their multiplication facts. Keep up the great work!

The Third Grade Team,

Mrs. Sottung, Mrs. Newman, Mrs. Sabol and Mrs. Fyke

Literacy News

Are you looking for something to do on the first Sat. of each month? Did you know the Northampton Library offers reading with therapy dogs? Several of our teachers participate in this program, and the kids absolutely love it! The dogs are faithful listeners, and the kids don't want to stop reading to their fluffy friends. What a great way to motivate kids to read and to help improve reading skills!

-Mrs. Kennedy & Mrs. Dougherty Fernley, Literacy Specialists

4th Grade Bulletin

We have started our tour around the United States! Our students started their tour with the Northeastern region. We can locate and tell you the capitals of all 10 of the Mid-Atlantic States, and the New England states. Do you know where the nation’s largest megalopolis is in the Northeast region? A megalopolis is an urban region formed when two or more metropolitan areas grow together. The megalopolis is located along the NE coast from Washington, D.C. to Manchester, New Hampshire!

The Southeast Region is next! We are enjoying learning many facts about our great nation!

The Fourth Grade Team:

Mrs. Carey, Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. Coapman, Mrs. Jaggers, Mrs. Wendling & Mrs. Murphy

3rd Annual RES Geography Bee

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We want to congratulate our 2016 RES National Geographic Bee team. These 12 students have been studying, meeting and planning for the Geo Bee which took place on Friday, January 22nd. A huge shout out to our 2016 winner, Sam Witkowski and to our 2nd place winner Tamsyn Adams.

We are proud of all of our contestants. From top left: Alex Fishman, Shani Sun, Jackson McElhaugh, Will Slaman, Ryan Petrie. Middle Row: Tamsyn Adams, Jeremy Saver, Wesley Chen, Brenden Kalikhman. Bottom Row: Rebecca Dankulich, Sam Witkowski & Jude Borden.

5th Grade Flash

Fifth Grade Explorers had an awesome 2016 Wax Museum. Our LEON’s, DAGAMA’s, DESOTO’s, MAGELLAN’s, and CORTES’s wowed the audiences with the story of their explorer’s life. How brave and courageous these explorers were…and how amazing our 5th grade explorers presented the details with their speeches. The costumes displayed were superb! A job well done by all!

Until our next Fifth Grade Flash,

Mr. Benson, Mrs. Cicchiello, Mrs. Nack, Mrs. O’Brien, Mrs. Siravo & Mrs. Glenn

Sixth Grade Dispatch

Each year the Council Rock School District participates in a “DAY ON” to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Sixth and eighth grade students from all ten elementary schools and all three middle schools, come together on their day off to help others that are less fortunate than them and live in their community. Prior to this day, students from all grade levels (including the high school) work hard to collect food and sanitary items to donate to local shelters in our area. This year, we had thirteen sixth graders participate in our day of service on January 18th at Council Rock High School South. Students were able spend their day off helping to make care packages, cards, and blankets that will all be donated in the upcoming weeks. We are so proud of our sixth graders for their hard work and dedication to their community. This day truly embodied Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of being kind, helping others, and treating people how you want to be treated.

-Mrs. Nelsen, Mr. McElrath, Ms. Pressman, Mrs. Christiansen & Mrs. McFadden

MLK Day of Service: January 18, 2016

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Josh Rowlands, Ryan Carroll, Maggie Burke, Morgan Froshour, Danny Doyle, Olivia Shrager, Maddie Deal, Kelly Foy, Joey Lewis, Kerim Abdul, Sophia Ranieri, Cailey Hiscox, Dylan Capaldi, and Jackson McElhaugh.

We also want to thank the following staff members who came out on their day off in support of this great cause: Mr. B, Mrs. McFillin, Mrs. Cicchiello, Miss Pressman, Mrs. Kennedy, Mrs. Foy, Mrs. Nack & Dr. Jordan.

Let’s all remember to continue to carry on the work of Dr. King by showing kindness each and every day.

Gifted Support News

Producing movies, writing, delivering speeches, inventing, designing, researching, and engineering are just a few of the ways the Gifted Support students have been keeping busy this January!

B-25 has turned into a movie production studio during the 6th grade time! The students, wrote, directed, filmed and edited iMovies about various topics related to Ancient Egypt. They incorporated their research and added creative elements to make their movies both informative and entertaining! The students are so excited for their upcoming premiers! Next up is Egypt Day preparations! Please save the date for Friday, March 4th!

The 5th grade students did a fabulous job with their Cortes Wax Museum speeches! After reading a biography on Hernando Cortes, they each chose a part of his life to write about, but with a twist! They wrote their speeches from a unique point of view including animals, objects, or other people Cortes encountered during his exploration. The students presented their speeches beautifully, fully decked out in creative costumes! I am so proud of the students for all of their hard work!

Have you ever heard of Maine Mania, Moving Through Massachusetts or Return to Europe? Probably not yet! These are brand new board games invented by the 4th grade students. After studying the Northeast Region, the students researched a state and used this information to create a new game! They designed boards, made games cards filled with interesting information about the state they researched, and of course, we played the games! Parker Brothers, here we come!

The third grade students are learning about cultural similarities and differences around the world, and just presented their country research PowerPoint projects! Each student chose a country and used a website called CultureGrams to learn about the history, geography and economy of their country, as well as several self-selected topics. They read, took notes, and developed their technology skills by creating awesome PowerPoint presentations! After learning about presentation skills, the students shared what they learned with the class. They truly did a wonderful job on this project! The information the students learned will help to prepare them for our next topic, immigration!

If anyone has been to B-25 lately, you may have noticed a giant castle! A Fairy Tale STEM unit is the reason for this new addition! After reading a fairy tale, the students are given a challenge to design something that would help the character solve the problem in the story. The students just designed parachutes for Jack (so he can escape the giant rather than be chased down the beanstalk again!). The students are problem solving, thinking critically, working collaborative, and having a lot of fun!

Special Corner News

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This January our Richboro students have been busy in Art.

The first week back of the New Year, Richboro hosted the Artmobile! The exhibition was all about Book Arts which is not necessarily illustration of stories, but the actual artisitic structure of a book! Some books on display resembled plant forms, or animal forms. One book was printed on Jenga blocks. Another book was a "tunnel book" that was in the form of a castle you could look through "halls and rooms" ! We all were inspired!

5th and 6th Graders are continuing their weaving projects, many of which will be on display at the District Art show in May!

4th Grade has been block printing seascape scenes.

3rd grade continues to work on Ancinet Mayan sculptures.

1st and 2nd grade have been working on Winter themed artwork.

One note -Since the District Art Show takes place in May this year, the Art Show T-shirts will not go on sale till late February/March.

-Ms. Aubuchon

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In the month of February we will have two great presentations. Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade will see New York Times Bestselling author Chris Grabenstein. Mr. Grabenstein will be at Richboro on February 23rd. Inofrmation regarding his books is available on the e-Friday folder and the Library webpage. His books are wonderful and the students are so excited for his visit.

On February 25th students in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade will compete against Francis Faraway the self- proclaimed smartest man alive. Mr. Faraway has read all of the books in the Who Was biography series and he will test the knowledge of our students in his trivia game. The class that orders the most books will win a set of 23 biographies for their classroom. Information regarding the books can be found on the e-Friday folder and the Library webpage.

A special thanks to Luke Brossman for participating in the Book Dedication program. Luke dedicated the book Bad Magic to our school in honor of his family. Thank you, Luke!

-Mrs. Adams & Mrs. Laigaie


Greetings from the music room! We would like to congratulate all of our fifth and sixth grade students for their fine performance in the winter vocal concert on January 13, 2016. We were all very proud of you and thank you for attending our chorus rehearsals each week and returning in the evening to perform in the vocal concert. Our spring concert is on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 7:30PM. Our school is excited about our upcoming production of SUMMER CAMP. Our evening shows will begin at 7:00PM on February 2, 2016 and February 3, 2016. Our dress rehearsals went very well and we are excited to perform the show for our friends and family members. Thanks to all of the parents for bringing your children to our scheduled rehearsals throughout our show season. We appreciate your support and cooperation. Thanks to all of the students for making this show a very special one by being responsible and respectful. Your directors have enjoyed this adventure. We love our morning routine! We are extremely grateful to Mrs. Loraine Iampietro for all that she does to make our students shine on our stage. We also thank Mrs. Francis and Mrs. Walker, our SAGE volunteers for assisting with this production. Mrs. Freedman, Mrs. Talbot and Mrs. Filer joined the production team once again this year and our dances in the show are awesome. We thank Dr. Jordan and all of the staff members at Richboro Elementary for their support with this musical. It is a very exciting time for all of us. Our younger students are looking forward to watching the show and have been learning how to dance the Cotton-Eyed Joe in music class. Students are also learning the names of the lines and spaces on the musical staff during our music classes this month. Keep on singing and enjoy the snow!

-Mrs. O'Connor

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Student Council

Student Council has been very busy this past month! January started with our collection for the CR CARES Martin Luther King Day of Service. We collected over 25 boxes of food, baby items and toiletries to help homeless shelters in Bucks County. Hats off to all of our Super Spike families who contributed to this great cause. We are also proud of our 6th graders who volunteered to participate at CRHS on January 18th.

Student Council is also proud to support our school musical, “SUMMER CAMP” by selling KISS THE CAST notes during all school lunches next week and at the evening performances. Notes will be sold for 50¢ each. Send a note to your favorite cast member and tell them what a great job they did! Cast members will receive their notes and Hershey Kisses at the cast party on February 9th!

Until next month,

Mrs. McFillin, Ms. Pressman, Mrs. Cicchiello, Mr. B & Mrs. Nack

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Don't miss these special events!

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"Summer Camp" Musical & Play

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 7pm

RES Cafeteria

Two nights are available to enjoy the show, Tuesday 2/2 & Wednesday 2/3 at 7:00 p.m.

Don't miss GO BANANAS Night after the shows!

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Valentine's Day Parties!

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 2:30pm

RES Classrooms

Please ask your homeroom parents for the exact start time as times may vary by grade level.
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Mrs. Adams' Author Visit: Chris Grabenstein

Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, 2-3pm


We are so thrilled to announce that author Chris Grabenstein will visit Richboro Elementary on Tuesday February 23rd. Courtesy of the Newtown Bookshop he will visit students in grades 4, 5 and 6. The store is covering all of the fees for this visit. We owe the Newtown Bookshop a very big thank you for bringing this wonderful author to our school. Mr. Grabenstein will be introducing students to his latest book, Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics.
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Mrs. Adams' Who, What, When Assembly for Grades 2-4

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 9:30-10:30am


The Biggest Names in History are Visiting Richboro Elementary on February 25, 2016

The “Who Was…? Insanely Awesome Trivia Show” is a game show themed theatrical presentation centered around Who Was…?, the New York Times bestselling biography series for children.

In this hilarious performance, brought to you by Penguin Young Readers and the acclaimed education and media group, Story Pirates, students will face down against The Smartest Person in the World to see who knows the most about fascinating people of the past and present!

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Father-Daughter Dance

Friday, Feb. 26th, 7-9:30pm

RES Cafeteria & Gym

Dance the night away on Friday, February 26

Dads, uncles, grandfathers or anyone with a special girl is invited to spend an evening full of magic at RES!

  • F, 2/26, 7:00-9:30pm at RES
  • $25 per girl, $30 for 2+ girls
  • Music, dancing, refreshments, desserts, photos and more!
  • Registration closes Friday 2/20.
  • Absolutely NO walk-ins will be permitted.
2015-2016 School Year Calendar

Click me to see this school year's holiday closings and half days.

Thinking of Volunteering? Background Checks are NOW a State Requirement!

PA State Law now requires that all volunteers in the district MUST obtain the required clearances. Keep in mind it can take up to 2 weeks to obtain all the clearances.

“Volunteer” is defined as an adult in an unpaid volunteer position who is responsible for the welfare of a child or who has direct contact with children. Direct contact shall mean care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children. Any adult who is individually responsible for the children’s welfare, directly caring for, supervising, guiding or controlling the children are required to obtain clearances. Any volunteer who is present and working with students one or more times per week will be presumed to be a volunteer and must obtain clearances.

What You'll Need:

  1. PA State Police Criminal Record Check $0
  2. PA Child Abuse History Clearance $0
  3. FBI Fingerprint Clearance $27 (ONLY if you've lived outside Pennsylvania in the last 10 years) OR the CR Volunteer Affidavit-Notarized $0 (good for those who have lived in the state of PA for the last 10 years.)

Once you receive your clearances and/or affidavit, BRING them to Pat Waters, Secretary for CRSD Human Resources at the Chancellor Center in Newtown. She will witness you signing an “Authorization to Begin Volunteering” form. Ms. Waters can be reached at at or (215) 944-1000, x1019.

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For those of you who miss Market Day, we are pleased to announce a new grocery program called The Giving Grocer which offers some of your favorite grocery items. Order deadline is 2/10, with a delivery date the week of 2/29 (exact date and time TBD). More products will be added as the program grows. Flyers came home this week or click the link below.


Joe Corbi’s Pizza fundraiser coming in February.

Joe Corbi’s Pizza is coming to RES! We will begin taking orders in February for delivery in time for Spring Break. From plain to gourmet, whole wheat to gluten free, there’s a pizza kit to please every member of your family!

Follow the link below to see the brochure.


Our biggest fun-raiser of the year is in March, but to make sure our annual carnival is a big success, please consider donating an item for the event.

  • Have season tickets to a local sports team? Donate a game.
  • Have a vacation time share? Donate a long weekend.
  • Have a home at the shore? Donate an off-peak week.
  • Have a family business? Donate a product or service.
  • Have a treadmill or exercise bike? We can auction it off.

Contact event chair Tanya Close ( to discuss.

Support RES While You Shop!