The what and how of common Opiates, by Ray M and Josh S

The What

Opiates are made out of the Asian Poppy seed, they can be in the form of powders or liquids.

The Medical Use

Opiates are used to numb pain after surgery or severe injuries, patients can become addicted to the opiates while in the Hospital and leave searching for ways to get it on the streets.

The How

Opiates are commonly administered by injecting, smoking or by ingesting pills.

How Does it Affect the User?

Opiates immediately afflict the user with nausea, vomiting, dizziness and a state of euphoria, these effects only last during the initial high which only last a few hours.

The Long Term Affects

In the long term, Opiates can cause long term Pulmonary and Cardiovascular problems, and these effects are permanent.

Doses and Society

The effectiveness and how lethal the drug is varies on how frequently the user consumes it. Society views opiates as a deadly poison that people should pursue help in withdrawing from.


Treatment options are available for people addicted to Opiates, these treatment options are mostly rehabilitation centers to ween them off of the drug and some that make the user go into a full withdrawal.
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