Technology in Lineville

By: Carter Larson

Typing Web

1. In this site you learn how to type without looking at the keyboard.

2. You increase your typing efficiency and speed.

3. It teaches you not only letters but also teaches numbers to kids.


1. You can make fun and entertaining trailers about your life.

2. Not only can you make trailers but also movies.

3. You can edit the movie or trailer to have special effects.

Career Locker

1. You can look at schools and occupations.

2. It features salary, outlook and degrees on how to get a certain job.

3. You get to start making a resume.

Haiku Deck

1. You can make presentations of many types.

2. It makes background that matches what your slide says.

3. You can also make stories.

Explain Everything

1. On this app you can draw, record, add pictures and much more.

2. While recording you can highlight and use pointers to indicate something.

3. Can record your voice in a video.

Hour of Code

1. Teaches kids how to code.

2. Uses code in ways that kids will like.

3. You solve problems with a code pattern.

Email Etiquette

1. Tells kids how to write a proper email.

2. Encourages kids not to use slang language or abbreviations.

3. Shows proper beginnings, endings and content.