What's Kickin' in Kindergarten?!

March 29th-April 1st

Subtraction Song- My Dog Subtraction

Flipped Video

Check out the fun subtraction video above.

Phonics, Vocabulary, and Sight Words

Phonics- long A, long I, long O, long U, long E , review digraphs

Vocabulary- muscles, bones, healthy, germ, excercise, fitness

Sight Words-Week 1: were, when, how

Week 2: there, your, friend, want

Week 3: where, some, boy, girl

Week 4: now, why, that


iN THIS HEALTH BASED UNIT, STUDENTS WILL READ A VARIEY OF FICTION AND NON-FICTION LITERATURE ABOUT THE SENSES. Studets will be able to tell why people have bones and muscles and locate the human heart. Through writing, students will be able to identify behaviors that keep a body healthy such as physical activity, sleep, good nutrition, and hygiene.

Math Topic 13: Sorting, Classifying, Counting, and Categorizing Data

In this topic we will-

~Identify same and different by the attributes of color, shape, size, and kind

~Sort objects by one attribute such as color, shape, size, or kind

~Sort the same set in different ways

~Solve problems by thinking logically

~Make and read a real graph

~Make and read a picture graph


same, different,sort, does not belong,

sorting rule, real graph, picture graph,


March 19th - 28th Spring Break


Monday-No school




Friday- C

Raz-Kids Logins by teacher

Mrs. Versemann - rversemann1

Mrs. Bee - bbeed

Mrs. Olivares - bolivares3

Mrs. Trask - ctrask0

Miss Swalley - jswalley0

Mrs. Hayes -bhayes17

Miss Garner - Sgarner6

Mrs. Stephens - kstephens0

Mrs. Schierholz - kleonhard1

Star Students:

Bee-Aidan O.

Swalley-Evan C.

Stephens-Aeriana H.

Garner-Sammie G.

Versemann-Mihir P

Hayes- David C.

Olivares-Mason M.

Trask- Brent M.

Schierholz-Niko F.

Lunch Numbers:

All of the children should now know their lunch pin number. Your child will have to be able to enter their number for the rest of the year. Practice at home is necessary to help lunch run smoothly. Thank you!