This Week in 2nd Grade

February 3, 2019


Parents, plan to attend Sunday School with your child next week, February 10th, for one of the best parent/child experiences around! Please see the attached flyer for more information.
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What a great start to Super Bowl Sunday, getting to spend the morning with your littles! We had the chance to start "dressing" our own paper Torahs before Music. Hopefully your child will find time to finish making it at home. Ask him or her which piece is the mantle, yad, crown, and rimmonim (bells).

After Music we returned to our room and retold the story of Moses receiving the 10 Commandments from God on Mt. Sinai. We created our own mountains for Moses to climb, complete with the 10 Commandments tablets to pick up on top of the mountain. Many of the students also took the time to add Israelites awaiting Moses' return, as well as the golden ox they had molded in his absence - with a giant 'X' through it. :)

We talked about what we each loved most in life (YouTube, phones, sports, TV, donuts, pizza, music and family), and learned that the Second Commandment teaches us that God is even more important and special than all those things. We also talked about the Third Commandment, "thou shall not take the Lord's name in vain" in terms of promises made in God's name. When we use expressions such as "oh my God" or the ever popular "OMG", we are actually entering into a promise with God. A promise made in God's name is sacred, so we need to be very careful when use God's name. We each made a promise in God's name that we are going to do our very best to keep this year. Our promises are hanging by our coat hooks. Stop in and see what your child wants to work on this year.

Finally, we learned another Hebrew letter, 'hay'. Ask your child if s/he remembers what sound hay makes and which letter it looks most like. (It's tricky to tell them apart!)

Next week, plan to attend Sunday School with your 2nd grader for our life-size Ten Commandments Boardgame with Barb Kite. It promises to be a fantastic time!

Have a great week!

Jennifer Bruns


This week's Mitzvah Madness is another easy one, so hopefully everyone will remember to participate!
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We are just shy of having donated $210 to various organizations! The kids are so excited that next week we're on target for me to have to climb up on a chair to color in our tzedakah chart! Please remember to help your child find ways to earn their own money to donate for tzedakah. Every little bit counts! :) This month's tzedakah is going to an organization called Share Our Spare to help supply infant necessities for families in need. You can learn more about Share Our Spare at