Harry Houdini

Never gave up on a good idea

The Idea

Houdini was given this great idea to try to escape from a straightjacket when he went exploring in a mental hospital and found a mentally ill patient in a padded room rolling on the ground trying to free him self from the the straightjacket.

The Straight Escape

The first step necessary to free your self is to place your elbow(which has your continuous hand under your opposite elbow)on some solid foundation and by sheer strength exert a sufficient amount of force toward this elbow so as to force it upward towards the head, and by further persistent you can eventually force your head under the lower arm. This results in both your encased arms to the front of your body.

Once having freed your arms at such an extent as to get them to the front of your body. You can now undo the buckles the straps of the cuffs with your teeth. After which you open the the buckles at the backs of your hands, which are encased in the canvas sleeves, and then your remove the straightjacket from your body