Yellow Fever Virus

Jose Ramos


Yellow Fever is caused by Aedes aegypti. The mosquito carries the virus around and bites the human. Then the human is infected with the virus


The cycle of the Yellow virus has 3 different cycles, jungle, intermediate, and urban. The jungle on is involved with non-humans and primates. It goes from mosquitoes to monkeys to humans. The intermediate (Africa) involves mosquitoes and humans. The final cycle is humans and urban mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti).


Risk of infection

People who travel a lot are at most risk to getting the infection. Depending on some factors. Also people who do not have the Yellow virus shot are prone to getting infected.

How the disease is treated

There is no treatment for the Yellow virus. But the symptoms can be treated like headaches, high temperature, and muscle pain using pain killers. The Yellow virus can be prevented by getting a shot for it. The prognosis for YV is it can cause severe problems, including internal bleeding. Death is possible.

Impact of Yellow virus

The Yellow virus has had a big impact on South, North, and Central America, Europe, Africa. It is most common in 30 African countries and 13 Central America countries. The disease has cost 250 million in curing.

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Treatment Program

There is no treatment for this disease. But there is medication to help with the symptoms. You can use painkillers. Some of the things that help with the symptoms are blood transfusion to help with internal bleeding. Also dialysis for kidney failure. The virus can last up to 10 years


The cost of the program will be 1.5 million. This will benefit more than 900 million people living with the virus. Together we can help cure people living with the virus. Also to make people more aware of this disease. Thank you.