Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



12/3 CYCLE DAY 7

PBIS Meeting 7:35 (Learning Commons)

Lockdown #3 9:00

Gingerbread House Night 6-7:45 (M-Z 6-6:45, A-L 7-7:45)

12/4 CYCLE DAY 8

BLT 7:30

Doughnuts with the Principal 8:35

12/5 CYCLE DAY 9

12/6 CYCLE DAY 10

Climb Theater 8:40 (3,4,5)

Nutcracker Performance for the whole school 2:15-2:45

12/7 CYCLE DAY 1

I-Team Meeting 7:30

2nd Grade Music Program 2:00



Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


Field Trip for 4th Grade to Friendship Manor

9:40-11:30 for Haake, Schleper and 1/2 of Boumeester's Class

1:10-2:40 for Hengel, Anglin and other 1/2 of Boumeester's Class


I-Team Meeting 7:30

First Grade Oatmeal kBar/Thole Cluster 7:45-8:15


Chipotle Night 4:00-8:00


BLT 7:30


PBIS Meeting 2:30 (Aune's Room)


Winter Party


NO SCHOOL/Winter Break


Lockdown #4 2:30


I-Team Meeting 7:30

All School Bingo 2:00-2:45


PBIS Meeting 7:35 (Learning Commons)


Staff Meeting 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


Field Trip for 4th Grade to Mill City Museum 8:50-2:00


I-Team Meeting 7:30


PTO Meeting (Board Only) 6:30


BLT Meeting 7:30


PBIS Meeting 2:30 (Aune's Room)


I-Team Meeting 7:30

Kid's Dance 6:30-8:30


NO SCHOOL/Teacher Staff Development


Professional Development 7:30 (Gifford Cluster)


I-Team Meeting 7:30

1st Semester Ends

Lockdown #5, 10:30


NO SCHOOL/Teacher Planning Day


Great Kindness Challenge Week

Notes from Kevin

  • A HUGE congratulations to our very own Rebecca Fobes who was named "Excellent Educator" by WCCO-TV! You can see her on TV next Wednesday between 6-6:30 and again at noon. Set your DVRs!
  • Please recall that next Monday we have another lockdown (ALICE ) drill. Just a reminder that this time we will lock our doors and keep our students in the class but use the time to educate them on knowing the teacher will be making different decisions on what to do dependent on what the danger is. Feel free to include weather in the conversation as the tornado vs fire is an easy explanation. We do not need to mention shooters but we can say people or things that could be dangerous.
  • Ginger bread night next Monday. Mmmmm...
  • Don't hesitate to reach out with ideas for the Jackson Pride "tip of the day" content to be included in the daily announcement. Pete is feeling left out.


*Thank you Keller, Konietzko, and Rosholt for helping dismiss my class the last 2 days!

*Congratulations Kelsey and Ethan Angell. Welcome to the world Greyson Todd Angell!

*Thanks Pete for your wisdom and insight, I appreciate the time and energy you put into helping the staff.

*Thanks Kim for reaching out and being such a special friend! I appreciate your many compliments and encouraging words.

*Nicole Sheu, thank you for all your hard work and dedication while you were part of the fifth grade team! All the best as you head to fourth!

*Pete Orchard, THANK YOU!! Hope you were able to finish your lunch! Your support with our little one is much appreciated!!

*Nurse Andrea, thank you for providing smiles and gloves each day to our little one; she looks forward to seeing you each day!! THANK YOU!

*Wendy Petersen & Kathy Clarke – ALWAYS with a smile!! Thank you!!

*Sari Flatness, Carrie Beckler, & Julie Lund, the children really enjoyed the Native American Drumming Performance! Thank you!

*Krissy Luce, thank you for your friendly reminder e-mails! Hopefully the children will remember the expectations…sooner than later!

*Thank you to the 5th grade team for being an awesome team to work with! I really appreciate the kindness and support!

*Thank you, Kelly V., for working with me on after school class planning!

*Thank you, Jody, for the extra time you are taking to give us PD meetings in the mornings!

*Thank you, Barbie, for working so hard to get more ENVoY training and opportunities here!

*Thank you, Wendy, Jenny, Theresa, Bill, Kira, Mary for working so well with me and our students…and being so patient with them!

*HUGE thank you to Natalie and Krissy that helped plan a class for a sub without sub plans. SOOO appreciate you both!

*Thank you to Jenny Larsen for the handwriting cheat sheet.

*Thank you to all teachers who send kind notes and words of encouragement home with kids! As parents, we sometimes only get the crabby child at night and it’s nice to hear what a wonderful, respectful person they are throughout the day when they are not with us.

*Thank you, Amy Rutter for all your positive enthusiasm and genuine love for your students! Your room is such a positive place to be!

*Thank you, Sarah Hartman for speaking to me during your prep about my own kiddo. You are a ray of sunshine!

*Thanks to Schleper for sharing Guided Math ideas!

*Jeanne and Sandy were so helpful with my new student! She is enjoying school and so friendly—thank you!

*MK—you are invaluable to our team and we will miss you for the rest of the year but we are SO EXCITED to see and meet Baby Haake next week!

*Boumeester, you have been so honest the last few weeks. Thank you for sharing, for listening, and for checking in!

*Anglin goes above and beyond to put together our grade level assemblies. Thank you for your organizational genius!

*Wendy and Kathy, your warm smiles and cheerful greetings make work a pleasure to come into each day!

*Principal Bjerken, your breaks with our student are greatly appreciated. The impact of these quick breaks shows your compassion for the children and makes our school stronger as we stay connected working together! Thank you!

*Brooke, your great email reminders and recaps keep all paras on the same page with great information in a concise format...Thank you for being not only a great mentor, but an awesome leader for us at Jackson!

*Thank you Steph Blad for the amazing treats and great advice!

*Marty, thank you for fixing the base around the light pole outside and for the shelf!!

*Thank you, Kaitlin, for always having a kind greeting in the morning!

*Thank you, Steph, for the yummy treat!

*Thank you to Natalie for helping our team implement new activities in See saw.

*Kudos to the 5th grade team for allowing K to use their cluster for our Jackson Pride *Assembly at the last minute. They gave shelter to the homeless!

*To Mandy, thank you for giving ME a break and allowing one of my friends to observe what school looks like #buddyroom

*Thank you Abbie for covering my class!

DLC Quick Tip

Ready to send kids to the makerspace? Looking to checkout a Chromebook cart? Need to use some extra classroom space? Here's a quick video on how to use the Room Booking System to reserve the resources you need.


  • 12/3 Kathy Clarke
  • 12/3 Kathie Rue
  • 12/8 Kim Hackel
  • 12/8 Marty Schmidt
  • 12/9 Diane Crist
  • 12/11 Lisa Goodwin-Toller
  • 12/11 Alexa Ploumen
  • 12/12 Brooke VonBank
  • 12/16 Luci Drill Mellum
  • 12/18 Lexie Schilling
  • 12/24 Noel Reinke
  • 12/25 Brandie Rush
  • 1/1 Bev Wuollet
  • 1/2 Jeanne Meyer
  • 1/4 Sandy Boyce
  • 1/13 Rachael Schweigert
  • 1/17 Jeff Casey
  • 1/18 Kelsey Angell
  • 1/21 Matt Malaske
  • 1/24 Sari Flatness
  • 2/2 Natalie Weatherman
  • 2/8 Steph Masloski
  • 2/12 Tim Olene
  • 2/14 Dianne Kersteter
  • 2/17 MaryKate Haake
  • 2/18 Becca Kay Lewis
  • 2/19 Amanda Lymangood
  • 2/21 Kristi Boumeester
  • 2/21 Barb Weierke
  • 2/26 Susan Tanberg