Jane Goodall

by: Tessa

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I don't know a lot but this is what I do know. On April 3, 1934 Jane Goodall was born In England, London.


"Jane's mother was called Vanne"she was A Novel writer. Jane's fathers name was Mortimer,HE WAS AN engineer but he soon became a race car driver. When Jane turned four her baby sister (Judy) was born. Jane and Judy were very young when world war 2 started in 1939.


Jane enjoyed exploring nature and being out doors when she was younger. Jane's family moved to the cities to a big house and big backyard, but the most exciting thing of all to Jane was all the animals. Jane loved to read about them in books but she would rather go out and explore to see them. Then she had an idea where she would find earthworms and stuff them under her pillow and try to sleep with them! But her mother came home and found them under her pillow and told her, "Worms are happier in their own homes." So she put them back were she found them. When Jane turned five she was curious of how chickens lay their eggs.Her grand mother had a chicken coop so this was her chance. She hid in the hay so the chickens wouldn't know she was their. Jane waited for 5 hours then finally an egg popes out of the chicken and Jane was so excited. But when Jane came back their were police every where looking for her! Her mother was not mad at all, she was rather happy that Jane did that because she believes that Jane needs to learn the important things of nature. When the war was close by them they chose to move to France because her father raced their. As she grew older she became a waitress to help save up money for her trip. Then she helped her mom and got enough money to go to Kenya. On Jane's first day in Kenya she saw a giraffe and it was running right next to her. Jane stayed their for a few years then they started to become rare. She set up a meeting with Louis Leakey. On 1964 she got married to Hugo Lawick.


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Jane accomplished watching the chimp way of life. She faced the world about endangered chimps. She accomplished seeing chimp ways of life.


Jane's career is to help save the endangered chimps and just chimps and to find the way chimps live. She is also on a geographic channel and she is in magazines. In the top right there is a picture of a hen house.

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my book, YouTube, history.com, and teacher tube.
Jane Goodall: A Retrospective