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What it means to be 21st Century Competent

WCSD graduates who are College and Career Ready require sound content knowledge along with key 21st Century Competencies. Careers of the 21st Century demand that we graduate citizens with highly-developed learning skills, along with the ability to collaborate, innovate, think critically about real-world problems, and use technology strategically and capably. WCSD's new Guide to Planning Instruction for 21st Century Learners provides a framework for schools and teachers seeking to maintain a focus on content standards while supporting students' development of 21st Century Competencies.
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Here is a short video on 21st Century

21st Century Learning

How to become a 21st Century Educator in Washoe County School District

Become a 21st Century Educator and earn badges to show off your knowledge! The 21st Century Learning Division is proud to offer the following three badges for educators wishing to improve their practice!

Classes now available!

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It is really all about student led learning!

In a student-led class, the room is designed to suit the student’s needs, classrooms can seem busy, and teachers act more like coaches. A teacher-led classroom is designed around a teacher’s needs, they seem quiet and controlled, and teachers take responsibility for what students need. You can take a look at the infographic and see other examples below.