Juxio incorporates fun and learning

Juxio is an app that can be used for many activities

You as a fun and loving Teacher should really consider trying out this fun and educational app

Teachers everywhere can find many exellent ways to educate your students but lets start with the app Juxio.This app helps you have some fun with your students. Plus be able to tech them instead of feeling like your talking to a brick wall you'll be able to show students a lesson without having to cross your fingers and hope that they fully understand what your teaching.

"Don't tech your students to sleep but tech them to smile"

step by step on how you use Juxio

  1. Before we begin you must have an iphone ipad or ipod and an email to have the privilege of using this awsome app.
  2. You must download the app at the app store called Juxio
  3. Wait for your device to downloaded Juxio
  4. Then you look at the top right hand corner and press sign in
  5. After you look look at the bottom after get a password you see sign up
  6. Once you have finished putting in your information
  7. You can start to create

Not only is this app really nice but its also................FREE

An example of this cool app is at the left