Sylvia May Ingerson

My Great Aunt

The Life of my Great Aunt Sylvia

My Great Aunt grew up being the oldest of 6 siblings, (all but one being girls) my grandma is the youngest. Her parents are Cloyd and Rozella Ingerson. Her first marriage was a divorce, and her second she was widowed, and now she has a boyfriend named Dan. She worked as a receptionist in doctors office. My aunt has two children, Marilyn and Todd. My aunt was very into art, like me. If you go in her house it is full of art in every room. She likes brightly colored abstract.

Where did she fit in History?

Sylvia was born March 14, 1934 in North Loup, Nebraska. That year was the worst year of The Great Depression. It seemed hopeless, many nations around the world fell and thousands of people lost their homes. Also Oklahoma had a terrible drought. The Donald Duck made his first appearance. The Hoover Dam was completed in that year too. The Great Plains had a terrible dust storm in April, and Amelia Earheart flies across the Pacific Ocean. Mickey Mouse short film came out and Porky Pig was first introduced. The Florida Keys got hit by a C5 hurricane too. A lot happened when my aunt was born. It was a crazy time in the world.

What other events did she witness?

Sylvia May Ingerson has 2 kids- Marilyn and Todd and they were born around historical events too.

On Marilyn's birthday FBI agents found a communist leader who was planning to overthrow the U.S government. That was June 6, 1953.

On Todd's birthday, August 10, 1958, over 5.2 million people in the U.S were unemployed. Isn't that crazy!

Sylvia May Ingersons life

Sylvia was alive during the Great Depression and many other terrible things. She was born around the time women got the right to vote. My aunt was definitely born around a hard time. She witness many inventions as well though, like the vacuum cleaner and the electric washing machine. I am grateful for everything I have knowing what she didn't have.