How to get good research

Is it relevant?

When researching you need to get relevant info. Does this match my topic? Does this make sense to my topic? You also need to have the right questions and keyword that go with your topic.

There are different resources that you can use to find relevant and liable resources like EBSCO and Mid-Continent websites if you search the right keywords.

Key Words

To find good info in your research you need to use relevant keywords to your topic in google or whatever searching website your using.

Lets say that the topic is on whales and how big they are. You want to look up words like Whale, Size or large.


Before you use info from the first link that you clicked on you need to see if the site has liable info.

You can trust a site if:

  • .edu .gov .net- it doesn't have to have this, but it is more trustworthy
  • The date of when it was posted- Info can change overtime
  • Author- if you can find the author of the website it can show what the author may know on this topic. Like a Zoologist talking about penguins.
  • Format- The format may play a roll in how trustworthy a site is, For example your looking up a topic on life on mars would you trust a site that has sparkling martins on it, probably not.
  • Ads-Does the website include ads that are not their own with lots of popups ads and different things not for their website, maybe not so trustworthy.


This site need your library card number use this one- 20005001149413


Click middle school and it will take you to your search engine and click advanced search where you can type in your key words.

Quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing

When you get info from a website there are three things to do to put it in your essay.

Quoting- When you take the info wright from the text with the same words with quotations surrounding it .

Paraphrasing-When you put the sentence from the text into your won words no quotations needed.

Summarizing- After reading a paragraph or the article put together the important sentences and words.


MLA: MLA citations include the author, Title of page, publisher, Year, Medium, Access date. MLA citations are used in in text citations.

Works cited page: A regular citation of a link or book.

Below is an example of a MLA citation From:

Big image

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is when you use someone else info without permission or without giving them credit. Plagiarism is a crime, some consequences of plagiarism are being expelled and getting kicked out of college in general.

To avoid Plagiarism ALWAYS cite your source to the rightful owners even when paraphrasing.