The Underground Railroad

Omar Elmougy- Furnish 4

How to Escape

  1. Instead of rebelling like Nat Turner and Denmark Vessey
  2. At night, go outside as if you are using the restroom. Use this opportunity to escape from The Peculiar Institution. Avoid running into the overseer
  3. Find The Mississippi River and follow it North. If at any point you lose the river, use the North Star to travel north. If it is cloudy, look at the direction of migrating birds or moss on the trunks.
  4. Follow the Jackson tributary until it intersects with the Mississippi and continue to follow it upstream to St. Paul
  5. If you hear dogs or slave catchers, hide in the water.
  6. Cabins that have candle lights in the window are safe houses for you to stay at. They are part of the Underground Railroad and other darkies will be there.
  7. If you can, avoid traveling in the day time. Travel at night.
  8. Once you reach St. Paul, you are in a free state (out of the Black Belt). People will help you find freedom in Canada, or stay in St. Paul.
  9. If they catch you, you'll be flogged so be careful!
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Follow the Drinking Gourd
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