Road Trip Planning


General Route

This is updated daily and is subject to many changes

Packing Guide

-Clothing for around two weeks. But not fourteen sets
-An easy-to-carry bag
-Photographing device
-Some snacks and water
-A book or something else to read

Day One

-Ready to leave by 7 in the morning from Richmond Hill
-Breakfast on the road
-Drive should be approximately 5 hours, more or less depending on traffic, but within a half hour range. Thus, we should reach the first destination by one.
-Lunch can be eaten at a place in Ottawa (lighter lunch)
-The first stop will be at the Rideau Canal. (Tolled Route|Toll Free Route)
-The Rideau Canal is primarily for sightseeing. We should park nearby, walk around and explore for time periods of half an hour to an hour. Either or, it is suggested to be heading to the second destination by 2 o clock
-The second destination is the Canadian Museum of Nature. (Route from the Rideau Canal)
-The Museum closes at 6 on most days, but 8 on Thurdays and Fridays. At the least, there should be a few hours here. Parking is 5 dollars per hour, and up to 12 dollars for the day.
-Check into a hotel or find a place for the night. ( Link to choices, deals and pricing ) Cheaper hotels are of choice, unless the Chateau Laurier can be booked under 200$, as the hotel in itself is tourism.
-Find food (dinner), within a reasonable walking distance from the Supreme Court
-Take a walk around the city and see the Peace Tower, Supreme Court, Centennial Flame, and perhaps a walk-by of the (currently closed) Currency Museum. (All in short walking distance)
-Return to hotel for the night

**Remember to upload and save pictures, as well as charge electronic devices**

Day Two

-Sleep till around 8
-Be at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum by 9. No more than 20 minutes from hotel
-Stay till around lunch, and possibly after.
-Next place in the Canada Science and Technology Museum. (Directions)
-Stay at museum for however long, and then perhaps linger around the city, perhaps collecting some food
-Go to the Mer Blue Conservation Area, a wildlife conservation. (Directions)
-Stay at the Conservation Area for the night

Day Three

-Wake up as pleased
-Leave either before or after lunch, just around that time
-Drive towards the Notre-Dame Basilica (Directions)
-Stay at the church for around an hour
-Drive towards the Bonsecours Market (Directions)
-Should be able to drive by the Quebec Parliament building~
-Market should last for a couple hours
-Going to Old Montreal, and just Montreal in general (Directions)
-Find a place to stay (Possible hotel options)
-Either find a place for dinner, or have snacks

Day Four

-Be on the road by around 10:30
-Drive to Mount Royal (Directions)
-Mount Royal for a couple hours, and bring lunch there (something simple)
-Drive to the Montreal Biodome (Directions)
-Stay at Biodome however long, then take a drive/walk to the Montreal Olympic Stadium (Directions)
-Drive over to Quebec City for find a place to stay (Directions to the Chateau Frontenac)

Day Five

-Go to the Battlefields Park by 9, and stay there for lunch (Directions)
-Then go to the historical sites of Quebec (Directions)
-Spend an hour or so there
-Aquariam du Quebec (Directions)
-Old Quebec for the rest of the time

Day Six

-Wake up for New Brunswick
-Visit the Jardin Botanical (Directions) till around lunch/after
-Start going towards the Magnetic Hill Zoo, and decide on where to stay for night (should be around the evening (Directions)
-New Brunswick has a lot of mountains and waterfalls~

Day Seven

-Actually go to the Magnetic Hill Zoo and be there for a half-day, remember to visit the Magnetic Hill!
-After go to the New Brunswick Museum for the rest of the day. (Directions)
-Find place to stay for night

Day Eight

**Note that next few days will likely have fewer urban and populated places
-Visit the Irving Nature Park, around the boarders of the Bay of Fundy, (Directions)
-Then go to the Hopewell Rocks, likely needing to stay the night. (Directions)

Day Nine

Finish with Hopewell Rocks
-Drive to Halifax
-See the Pier 21 (Directions)
-Stay in downtown Halifax, urban parts
-Visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, (Directions)

Day 10

-Go to Peggy's Cove (only a few hours)
-Search for a show at the Confederation Centre of the Arts
-Explore downtown Charlottetown and go to show when time (Specified Route)

Day 11

*starting for the Massachusetts*