Middle colonies

Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania


  1. Founded by Peter Minuit and new Sweden company
  2. Substance farming
  3. Proprietary
  4. Medium population
  5. Lenape
  6. None

New York

  1. Founded by the Duke of York
  2. Fur trade
  3. Proprietary
  4. Big different cultures Dutch first then English
  5. Iroquois they took the land from the French and Indian war
  6. None

New Jersey

  1. Founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Cartaret to trade and profit after known as the breadbasket colony
  2. Mixed farming
  3. Proprietary
  4. Big population
  5. Lenni Lenape had problems caused wars
  6. None


  1. Founded by William penn
  2. Cash crop wear
  3. Government proprietary
  4. Erie, Honniasont, Huron, Iroquois and many other no trouble with Indians the land was purchased
  5. Religion quaker