Har-Ber High School

Fall 2020: Reopening Information

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Message from Dr. Griep

Wildcat Families,

The beginning of the school year is always an exciting time for students and educators. It is a time where we look forward to the upcoming year and the thrill of watching our students excel in the classroom and within competitions across the state and the nation. As you know, Har-Ber High School shines. Each year, they score above the state average on standardized testing, earn millions of dollars in scholarships, are accepted to outstanding post-secondary schools, and are equipped with skills that prepare them for an outstanding future. My staff and I are passionate about providing students with a world-class education.

The current pandemic changes the landscape of education in our nation. It causes schools to examine everything. The safety of our students and staff is a pillar to our work as educators. We have thought carefully, while following guidelines by the Arkansas Department of Health, to allow for a safe return to school.

As an educator, I have always believed in the importance of a strong partnership between school and the family. With the current landscape in education, the importance has never been greater. It is my hope that each parent will actively monitor the learning of their student and actively communicate with his/her teachers. Please make sure that you have subscribed to the Har-Ber High School FaceBook page and that all contact information is current.

As a parent, I understand the mixed emotions that many have about the upcoming school year. You have my commitment to promoting the safety of our students while providing an outstanding education. If my staff can assist you or your students, please let me know. Our students are our highest priority. We are in this together. We are the Wildcat family!

HBHS Reopening Procedures and Information

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Arrival and Dismissal

Traditionally, we've dismissed students to class in the morning at 8:40. This year, we will dismiss students to class at 8:30 to reduce congregating in hallways and meeting areas and to keep a steady flow of traffic. Students who ride the bus will be dropped off in the courtyard, and they will the walk to the cafeteria, the main building, or the halls that are adjacent to their 1st period classes. Student who arrive earlier than 8:30, will be able to sit in the rotunda, cafeteria, courtyard, or outside their classrooms. In all locations, students will need to practice social distancing and wear a face covering.

When school is dismissed for the day, students will be instructed to use the closest exit to their classes to keep a steady flow of traffic and avoid crowded hallways and congregating. Students will be asked to go directly to their cars or bus loops where they will practice social distancing and will be asked to wear a mask until they leave the school campus.

Classroom Safety Procedures

Teachers will build in cleaning time at the beginning of each class. There will be supplied disinfectant spray for teachers to use in order to clean the desks at the beginning of each class period. Teachers and students will use hand sanitizer when entering the classroom and as they are exiting the classroom in order to make sure they are not spreading germs. Students will be responsible for bringing their own water bottles to school. Water fountains will not be used unless students are using the bottle refill systems.

Students will not share school supplies in their classes. Most lab classes, will hold virtual labs as much as possible, but in the case of a student having to participate in a onsite lab, lab supplies and/or other materials that are needed for a lesson will be sanitized between usage and students will need to sanitize their hands before and after usage of those materials.

Teachers will maximize classroom space to allow for social distancing. We realize that in many classrooms, it will be difficult to maintain 6’ distance if 30 students are present. In the event that social distancing is not possible, students and staff will wear a face covering.

Hallway Transitions

Students will be encouraged to continue to move during the transition of classes. Highly congregated areas where students meet to talk will have additional supervision, so students will continue to go to the classes and not meet to avoid breaking social distancing norms.

We will have 30 seconds delayed dismissal between classes. Most hallways aren’t as crowded as others, but for hallways that have large class sizes, teachers will be instructed to dismiss students 30 seconds after the bell according to their position in the hall. The left side of the hallway will dismiss at the bell, and thirty seconds later the right side of the hallway will dismiss their students. Students will be encouraged to make use of all stairways to avoid overcrowding in one area to get to the classes.Stairs located in the rotunda will be labeled instructing students to use one stairwell for going up the stairs, and the other stairwell for going down.


Students naturally use the restroom between classes. We realize that with 2,200 students in

the building, flexibility will be needed. Students will be allowed to make quick bathroom breaks during class, if needed. Teachers and administrators will help monitor congregating in the bathrooms.


Normally, we seat 8 students per table. Due to the need to social distancing, we have limited each table to three students. We will also place additional seating in the L and S halls

(6 feet apart) to remove crowding in the cafeteria. Furthermore, we will promote eating in the courtyard. We have tables and an outdoor classroom along with several grassy areas for seating. We will also allow band students to eat in the band room. The library will be available for student, but no food or drink will be allowed. Students will also be allowed to eat in the lobby.

For lunch, students will enter through the L hallway and exit through the north doors to avoid over crowding.

Chromebook Distribution

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August 20 - 11th and 12th Grade Chromebook Pickup (if you turned it in).

  • A-D (Last Name) - 8:30-10:30

  • E-H - 10:30-12:30

  • I-L - 1:30-3:30

August 21 - 11th and 12th Grade Chromebook Pickup (if you turned it in)

  • M-Q (Last Name) - 8:30-10:30

  • R-T - 10:30-12:30

  • U-Z - 1:30-3:30

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Message from Transportation

Bus Routes & Times :Routes will be similar\normal - as you know, we are very short on drivers and some routes will be affected, but worked so times are not affected to any great degree.

Assigned Seats :For contact tracing purposes, drivers will be asking students to fill out

a card with their name and to sit in that seat both am and pm.

Social Distancing on Bus :At this time, we will be loading buses as normal to capacity with face masks being required.

Disinfecting Bus : Drivers will begin using a disinfecting spray in between runs\routes and the Custodial department will be deep cleaning\disinfecting buses two times daily at the bus lot.

Riders wearing mask : mask will be required for the duration of time the student is on the school bus. If they take it off, they will be asked to put it back on. Noncompliance will result in a student being written up on the bus conduct forum.

Providing mask to students : Drivers will have some mask for those students getting on the bus with no mask. After the first few times, students will be written up on the bus conduct forum.

Pick locations\students with no mask : Students will not be turned away or not allowed on the bus at a pick up if they do not have a mask - again the drivers will have some masks and after a few times students will be written up on the bus conduct forum.

End of day pick up times : Should be the same time or close to the same times as last year.

Social Distancing while waiting on the bus : Pick up locations will be up to parents\students and drivers will help in trying to advise and inform the importance of social distancing while waiting on the bus. At the end of day, each campus will have to address that issue.

Bad weather : Nothing has changed at this time, same as last year.

End of day no mask : If a student tries to get onto a bus at the end of day with no mask, that student will be turned away and sent back to that campus office\admin on duty as they should have had one during the day.

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House Principals and Counselors

Have questions or need to contact your student's counselor or house principal? See the information below.


House Principal: Dr. Paul Griep (pgriep@sdale.org)

Counselor: Jennifer Hatch (jhatch@sdale.org)


House Principal: Patrick Scott (pscott@sdale.org)

Counselor: David Clouse (dclouse@sdale.org)


House Principal: Margaret Robinson (margaret.robinson@sdale.org)

Counselor: Colleen Foster (cfoster@sdale.org)


House Principal: Dr. Curtis Gladden (cgladden@sdale.org)

Counselor: Jennifer Sugg (jsugg@sdale.org)


House Principal: Aterra Lowe (alowe@sdale.org)

Counselor: Tami Cline (tcline@sdale.org)

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Important Dates

August 19-21 - Make-Up Senior Pictures

August 20 - 11th and 12th Grade Chromebook Pickup (if you turned it in).

  • A-D (Last Name) - 8:30-10:30

  • E-H - 10:30-12:30

  • I-L - 1:30-3:30

August 21 - 11th and 12th Grade Chromebook Pickup (if you turned it in)

  • M-Q (Last Name) - 8:30-10:30

  • R-T - 10:30-12:30

  • U-Z - 1:30-3:30

August 24 - 1st Day of School

August 28 -Har-Ber vs. Jenks- Jenks, OK, 7pm

Sept. 2 - 10th & 11th Grade Pictures

Important District Policy Links