MACS Micro-School

February 14- February 18, 2022

Week 25- Schedule

Home Visits

On Monday, February 14, 2022 we will be doing a drop by home visit with all of our students. We will not be coming inside, just knocking on the door to wish our Micro-School students a great day!

Students, we have a bag of goodies and learning fun for each of you!

We will be coming between the hours of 11:30 am and 2:00 pm. If you prefer for us to not visit your home please text me at 336-469-5620 before Monday. Again, we will not come inside, but simply visit on the front porch.

Meet Our Adopted Class Cow- Piper

Check out the pictures of our adopted cow, sweet Piper!

Monday- February 14, 2022

1) Independent SeeSaw assignments for all

2) From 11:30 to 2:00 pm, we will be coming around for Home Visits. There will be no Google Meet class times.

Tuesday- February 15, 2022

1) Independent SeeSaw assignments for all

2) Google Meet for 1st and 2nd Grade at 8:30 am with Ms. Willard

3) Google Meet for Kindergarten at 9:30 am with Ms. Willard

Wednesday- February 16, 2022

1) Independent SeeSaw assignments for all

2) Google Meet for 5th grade at 12:00 pm with Ms. Dollyhite

3) Google Meet for 4th grade at 1:00 pm with Ms. Dollyhite

4) Google Meet for 3rd grade at 2:00 pm with Ms. Dollyhite

Thursday- February 17, 2022

Teacher Workday- No school for students

Friday- February 18, 2022

Teacher Workday- No school for students

No Place-based Learning

We will not have any place-based learning this week due to the short, 3 day week.

Looking Ahead....Mark Your Calendars

March 15, 2022 - Place-Based Learning Field Trip to Kaleideum North in Winston Salem. Details will be sent out via email to students and families, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RESPOND. Students and families may meet us at the location. Any child needing to ride the bus will need to be at our Community Central Office by 8:45 am.

April (Date will be decided soon)- Place-Based Learning Field Trip to Greensboro Science Center in Greensboro.

April 26 at 9:00 am- Place-Based Learning Field Trip to the Andy Griffith Playhouse-

Rosie Revere, Engineer and Friends. This is a musical production being provided by Theatreworks, USA from New York. We are excited to have this opportunity. Please text or email Ms. Willard to let me know if your child and any parents will be attending this event. I have to order our tickets ahead of time. There is no charge for this event.

Seesaw Student Assignments & Family Support

Please support your child's virtual learning by making sure they are working on Seesaw everyday. Even on the days we Google Meet with them, they will still have Seesaw assignments to complete.
  • School attendance for each day is based on 3 factors- they must be engaging in one of these forms of Micro-School: (1) independent Seesaw assignments, (2) working on Google Meet with Ms. Willard or Ms. Dollyhite, or (3) attending a place- based lesson somewhere in the community with Ms. Willard and Ms. Dollyhite.

What If My Child Gets Logged Out of Seesaw on Their iPad??

Using the log-in with gmail access and use their student email. I will send these to you privately. There are two options for password for all student emails, if one does not work, then try the other one.

Password :


or try


Penny Willard

Director of Innovative Programming- Mount Airy City Schools (MACS)

My favorite role within MACS allows me to serve your children as a teacher, which is how I started my work in education. Our children deserve the best we can offer them each day to make sure they are happy while also being college and career-ready.

I am honored to support a variety of areas for our district including Micro-Schools, Federal Programs, After-School and Summer Programming (21st Century), Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG), Beginning Teachers and Mentors, Digital Teaching and Learning, National Board and School Media.

Catherine Dollyhite

Micro-School Facilitator

I began my career in education as an elementary school teacher, teaching both 4th and 5th grades over the course of 11 years. I then served as an Assistant Principal for 4 years before joining the Mount Airy City Schools family as the Curriculum Facilitator for Jones Intermediate. I am thrilled to be part of the MACS Micro-School team and to be able to work closely with our students and families.