Johannes Nkosi

By Mackenzie O'Brien

Life and Accomplishments

Johannes Nkosi was a martyr for the CPSA, (Communist Party of South Africa). Nkosi was raised on the farm of Pixley Seme and attended the St. John's Mission School at Blood River. He worked as a farm labourer before becoming a domestic worker. Nkosi later became involved in the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) and became an organizer in the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union (ICU). In 1923, Nkosi was recruited to the CPSA. He was later appointed to become the group's organizer


Johannes Nkosi had an influential role in the CPSA. As organizer he was an active participant in the group's movements. Nkosi was more militant than other leaders and showed this in his speeches and burning of passbooks. During the campaign to burn passbooks, in December 1930, Nkosi seriously injured and later died. His death made him a martyr which inspird his followers and grew the group's followers.