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Background Information about Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a powerful and creative singer for his whole life. Jackson ruled pop and rhythm music through the late 1980's through today. But, Michael struggled with drug abuse at the end of his singing career which concluded his death on June 25, 2009.

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The Jackson 5 & Little Janet Jackson On 70s TV (High Quality)

Jackson 5 Performing

Michael Jackson Biography - Life and Career (REDUX)

Summary of the Video

Michael Jackson started his career with the Jackson 5 then went on to begin singing solo and then became a sensation shortly after his career started. Later on, Jackson had kids and his life was great. Until he was accused with child molestation and later died because of drug abuse from getting addicted from all the painkillers he took after he got out of rehab.

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Michael Jackson's Drug History

This article mainly talks about when he was in court and he was testifying against his former friend Fournier who was one of his doctors. They were saying how he gave unspecific drugs to Michael and not the drugs he was suppose to take. That is why he died because he took drugs that he wasn't suppose to take.

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Negative Consequences for Michael Jackson

Some of the negative consequences from the article are getting addicted to the painkillers, he had no contact with any of his family members for not listening to him when they told him not to take the painkillers, and he had different types of arrest and he had to lose one of his own houses.

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