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Miss Marney's Class September 7, 2015


For the next couple of weeks we will be working on addition strategies. The goal is to get the students to be fluent with their addition facts. These are facts up to 20.

Don't forget xtramath.org is a great resource for practicing.

Last weeks focus that can still be reviewed:

  • time to 5 minutes
  • counting by 5's forwards and backwards

Reading and Writing

We are continuing our unit on asking questions. We are looking at how to create a good question when we read and with everything we do. We also are going to be writing interview questions to ask someone else. Once we have our questions we will write a paragraph about someone else in the room.

Social Studies

We have been working hard learning about the Constitution. We wrote our own Classroom Constitution and have pledged to follow it this school year.

We are now learning about what a good leader is. On Friday, Mrs. Meyer is coming to talk to all of second grade about being a leader of our school. Next week, Dr. Wimmer and Alvie Cater are coming over to talk to the about being a leader of our schools. The students are also writing questions to ask them about being a leader.

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List A

  1. the
  2. they
  3. very
  4. does
  5. because
  6. come
  7. school
  8. some
  9. people
  10. went

List B

  1. decide
  2. believe
  3. friend
  4. before
  5. during
  6. either
  7. address
  8. does
  9. eight
  10. careful

Donations for the Classroom

The month of September we will be growing gummy bears. For this STEM challenge we will need the following items:

gummy bears plain

plastic bowls that can be thrown away

different liquids like apple juice, pop( clear and dark), lemonade

Specials Schedule this Week

Monday, September 7

  • NO School

Tuesday, September 8

  • C day: Computer

Wednesday, September 9

  • O day: Library

Thursday, September 10

  • M day: PE and Music
Friday, September 11

  • E day: Art
Monday, September 14
  • T day: PE and Music


I am sending home appointments on Friday. If for some reason you can not attend the time you have been assigned, please let me know. I am looking forward to sitting down and talking more about your child with you.

PTA sign up

In case you missed the sign up for PTA room parent, here is the information. Your choices are head room parent, room parent volunteer who attends the parties, and room parent volunteer who sends items in for the parties. You can sign up for one or all three. I will be happy to add your name to the list.

Snacks in the Classroom

While students do have opportunities throughout the day to get a drink, I do allow water bottles (water only) in the classroom. I do ask that they are taken home each afternoon and come to school already filled. If for some reason this causes a distraction, I will ask your child not to bring their water bottle to school.

I do not have a specified snack time. If you are finding that your child is getting hungry during the day, feel free to send a snack. It needs to be a healthy snack. Also, it needs to be something that can be eaten quickly (not a small meal). The snack also needs to be one that is not messy or does not require help from me to eat. To keep bugs away, please be sure that if your child brings fresh fruit, they have a baggie to throw away things like apple cores and banana skins.

Follow the Activities of Our Class on Social Media

There are lots of ways to follow what is going on in our classroom.

  • Class Twitter account @StarsideMarney.
  • Text Messages from me when you text @missmarn to 81010. When you sign up, your child will get a pencil from me.
  • You can also follow Starside @StarsideComets
Lunch Menu

Click on the button to see what is for lunch this week.

Scholastic Book Orders

To order books from the book order you can either order online with this link or send in the money and order form to me.