slaves on the plantation

how slaves lived in nc

How did slaves live?

Slaves did not have a bed, they slept on the cold floor with only a one coarse blanket. Field slaves worked from sunrise to sunset, but, during harvest they worked an eight hour day. They were often starved whipped and even raped.

Field workers, and house slaves

What slaves did in the field

Field workers lived in tiny huts with dirt as a floor. Field slaves got sundays off and maybe parts of saturday unless it was during harvest. On very hot days field slaves got one to two hours off on midday, they usually hunted or fished during this time.

What slaves did in the big house

most house slaves were in better condition than a field slave. House slaves sometimes stole food from their master. Some house slaves lived in attics, closets, or corners in the big house even if their families lived in the quarters. House slaves did not get sundays off. Their job was to clean, cook, serve meals, and take care of the children. They often listened to their masters conversations to warn field slaves about auctions or other important things.

by, Madison, Tyler B, and Austin

we are in mrs.lords class and we are learning about slavery in NC