CHARACTER at The Lower School

the fabric of our lives

It's everywhere...

Dear Parents,

As we wind down our school year, let’s take a moment to reflect all of the ways that character has been a common thread here at the Lower School. We threaded that needle back in September when we celebrated Patriots’ Week. We stitched manners, The Golden Rule, and thoughtfulness into the fabric of our daily lessons. We sewed thankfulness and generosity, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year. The thread grew stronger as we looked beyond our own homes and school and realized there were many less fortunate than we are. We donated to different causes and charities showing our youngest children that they too can make a difference. United together- parents and teachers, we stitched the cloth of character in our day-to-day living. For the final ensemble if you will, I pieced together a short video of character here at the Lower School. I’m so very proud of my colleagues. They put forth the extra effort in all that they do and because of them character is alive and kicking at our Lower School home.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Have a great weekend,

Diana Matthews

L/S Character Rep