4th Grade News

April 18th-22nd

Upcoming Dates

April 18th- Fundraiser Kick-off Pep Rally

April 22nd- Student Holiday

April 28th- Report Cards go home and Trailblazer Awards

April 29th- Northwest Reads; Glow Run

May 2nd-Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9th-STAAR 3rd & 4th-Math

May 10th-STAAR 3rd & 4th-Reading


Language Arts and Social Studies

ELAR: This week in Language Arts we have a district CBA reading test. Our main focus is inferences about the author's message and why author's include text features.

Social Studies: This week is super exciting. Your students will start learning about WW1 and the effects that it caused for Texas. This will lead up to the 1920s then the Great Depression, where we start our DBQ about the Dust Bowl.


Just a reminder: Students have reading and math homework which comes home Monday in their SPUR Folder and is due Friday. In addition to the short paper assignments, we ask that students complete a minimum of 60 minutes of Stride. Doing 30 minutes of reading Stride and 60 minutes of Math Stride will help fill the gaps in skills your students may have or simply increase their skills if they are on or above grade level in all areas. However, we understand that things come up during the week that are beyond your control so 60 minutes is our requirement.

Please email us or write a note if the Stride program is not working at your house for any reason, so we can contact the program and work out any bugs. If your student doesn't have access to a device or internet we can work out another arrangement please let us know. We are here to help and appreciate your support!

Math & Science

This week in math we are reviewing previously learned concepts that many of the students struggle with. Students will rotate through each 4th grade teachers class for hands on instruction including games, manipulatives and independent stations.

This week in science we will finish our unit on food webs and begin learning about animal adaptations. Students will explore how adaptations enable organisms to survive in their environment.