How is the US Connected To Canada?


The US and Canada have an excellent economic connection which is made apparent by the high amount of trade that occurs back and forth between their borders. Each day, over two billion dollars worth of goods and services is traded between them. Millions of jobs have been created in each country due to this strong trading relationship. One of the biggest reasons that Canada is the largest trading partner of the US is that they are right next to each other which makes transportation cost exponentially smaller.


Along with their many economic connections, Canada and the US also have many social connections. Each day, roughly 300,000 people travel between the the two countries using various modes of transportation. There are quite a few cultural similarities that can be spotted between them as well. In both countries: English is a widely spoken language, over 70% of the population practices Christianity, and there are professional basketball, baseball, and hockey teams that often compete against one another. In addition to this, there is a national landmark that lies between these two countries known as Niagara Falls. It is a very famous tourist attraction that can be visited on either the Canadian or American side. Once again, the main reason for the vibrant social connections between the countries is the fact that they border each other making it easier for people to travel back and forth as they please. Another reason is their long history of peaceful coexistence with the undefended border that runs between them posing as an excellent example of this fact.


There are strong political connections between the US and Canada because of their common social and economic relations. One example of this is the North American Free Trade Agreement. The North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, established in 1994 allowed for easier and more beneficial trade between both of the countries by removing restrictive tariffs and by recognizing the different patents of each country. Another example of their strong political connection is their shared interest in international defense. This has been seen in their close cooperation during global conflicts such as World War II and the Cold War. The reason for their political relationship is the fact that they share a border as well as their common social and economic interests.