Death Penalty

Riley Crook

The Problem

The problem is that criminals are put in jail for horrible crimes like murder, burglary, robbery and so much more and they could end up getting out of prison (released) and end up doing more crime like the ones listed.

My Point of Veiw

My point of view is that criminals do not get punished enough for their crimes. Also, once you commit a serious crime, you are no longer a human. If you are sent to jail for a mugging or assault, that would be a different story.

Even though it sounds horrible, it would be good because those who kill others should die. If you are willing to take a persons life, you should be ready to loose yours. Also, terrorism is definitely a capital punishment worthy crime.

This is why The Death Penalty is good

Out of 27 people i asked 15 agreed that (in certain cases)people should die for their crimes. the others didn't think that killing murderers is murdering the murderer, as to were i think that murdering the murderer who murder people is not murder but justice.