Beautycounter Team Message :)

April Kickoff & Necklace Winner!!


SOOO I dropped the ball on our second team Zoom call that was supposed to be last night. Darn Spring Break got me all turned around! Thanks to Anna for reminding me! I am rescheduling the call for THIS Wednesday night at 8PM central. I hope you can all make it! Last time was great to be able to see everyone and connect. LOTS of exciting info to share, including the mascara launch date!!!

April and May are going to be GREAT months for us with new products launching. NOW is the time to book your socials and get that NV (New Volume) out of the way. You are going to have lots of exciting reasons to reach out to your customers!

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap: 14157629988,299956438# or 16465687788,299956438#

Or Telephone:

Dial: +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)

Meeting ID: 299 956 438

International numbers available:

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Please welcome Anne Coleman to our team! Anne and I have been friends for years and I am thrilled to have her with me/us on this journey. So happy to have you with us!

As a reminder to everyone, our New Consultant Calls are April 11 and April 25 at 11am PMT. These are fabulous for new consultants OR if you are looking to relaunch your business. There will be recordings you can listen to anytime on Behind the Counter, Calls.

Believe me, I know how hard it is to make time to listen to calls. But EVERYTIME I listen to one I learn something new, something that helps my business. I challenge all of you to make the time at least once a week to listen to a call. You will hang up more energized and with great ideas you can implement.

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Say Yes to Success

One thing I have realized lately is one of the big differences between the girls at the highest level of Beautycounter financial success and the rest of us, is how they embrace sharing the Beautycounter business opportunity. If you want to be more financially successful, you have to grow and expand your team. You just do. This in turn helps Beautycounter expand it's reach and help to educate more people.

Take 15 minutes to listen to Leah Huxtable (she is a fabulous leader out of MN in our uplink) talk about how she approaches recruiting. The link is below. You can listen to this call on your commute to work, or on your way to pick up the kids. Just LISTEN! Listening to her call really changed how I am going to approach everyone. I am going to start leading with the opportunity, instead of offering it weeks/months down the road. I truly feel like this company has been a gift for me and my family, so why wouldn't I shamelessly share that?

This month we are offering a great incentive to new consultants. It's a great time to motivate those people who have been on the fence to take the leap. And don't forget, with the new minimums starting with April, new consultants initial product investments count toward their minimums. So if you have someone that is nervous about the minimum, let them know their purchase will count. And depending on their investment, that could take them almost all the way to that $1200 number.

Download Voxer, Please!

In case you haven't downloaded Voxer, please take the time this week. It was an app that was recommended to us at Leadership Summit. It's like a walkie talkie except you can leave audio messages for people to listen to at their convenience AND you can leave messages easily while multitasking aka while driving your kids to school. You can also leave text and photo messages.

It's great for a quick check in or question.

It's also great because it won't jam up your Messages folder and you can check them when you want.

So please download it and then send me a message to test when you do. Happy Voxing!

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Thank you all for really pushing to end the month strong!!! Many of you had multiple entries into our raffle :) I am so happy to announce the winner of the Trish & Tess necklace (via random drawing) is……………….Jen Breceda!!! Congrats Jen! I will order your fabulous new accessory this week :))