Military Cultural Competency

How to Talk Military In 3 Steps

Military Cultural Competency: How to Talk Military in 3 Steps

Saturday, Sep. 19th, 3pm

This is an online event.

Why We Do It

22 veterans a day take their own lives!

This webinar will assist any organization that works with or employees veterans or active military members by providing better understanding of military procedures.


  1. Language Basics- Understanding core terminology
  2. Chain of command- How we see rank structure
  3. Core practices- What a veteran looks for in the workplace

Guaranteed to give you and your team better understanding of military

Have you ever listened to a veteran talk and thought "Huh"?

Remember the first time you heard someone say "Hooah," or "Hoorah?" Confusing, right? Ever wonder why that veteran employee stands with his hands behind his back overtime he talks to you? We understand the confusion and this webinar will help answer some of those questions.