Alan Turing

(June 23rd 1912- June 7th 1954)

The life of a computer genius

Alan Turing was born in Paddington, London on June 23rd 1912. From a very young age, he demonstrated an exceptional mathematical talent, which teachers recognised at his school, Sherborne School.
After leaving Sherborne, Turing won a scholarship to Kings College in Cambridge.


Alan had many influential people in his short life. One of the most influential people is said to have been Christopher Morcom, a boy he met during his time at Sherborne.
Morcom and Turing sparked up a strong friendship through their enthusiasm for science and maths. Strain was put on this friendship when Morcom won a scholarship to Trinity College- And Turing didn't.

However, just after this, Morcom died of drinking infected cow's milk. This shattered Alan, but soon after he got his life back on track.
Other influences in Alan's life were Bertrand Russell and John von Neumann, who wrote books about maths.

The Bombe- Breaking the Enigma codes

The bombe was a mechanical device invented by Turing to crack enigma codes sent between Nazi's during world war 2.