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October and November Newsletter

Practice a New Way of Being

Although we may not all be teachers we all play a role as educator in the lives of our children. Setting an environment at home where learning and discovery is appreciated and encouraged at home is as equally important as at school. Observing your child's play experiences and taking the time to engage in their learning will prove to be beneficial to both you and your child. We encourage you to set the stage at home by creating sensory experiences, engage in cognitive activities, and share your child's desire to play!

The teaching team has been engaging in study sessions that offer the value and importance as seeing through the eyes of the child. Inspired by this quote:

"It takes practice for us to recover this ability to see, or before that, the gift of wanting to see. For so many years we have been learning to judge and dismiss-I know what that thing is, I've seen it a hundred time-and we've lost the complex realities, laws and details that surround us. Try looking the way the child looks--as if always for the first time."

Have you ever been in awe when your child looks up at the sky, spots an airplane and becomes deliriously excited even though they just saw one yesterday and the day before, or watched as you order their favorite frozen yogurt, the huge smile spreading across their face, as their knuckles turn white as they grip the counter with excitement and anticipation, or see the wonder in their eyes as they watch an orange and brown butterfly land on the flower very close to them? These are things as adults that we have become desensitized to, however to our children they are fabulous, exciting, and thought provoking. They are not tainted by the stresses of our world, the hustle and bustle, the been there and done that attitude that sadly we adults have been conflicted with. When engaging with children it is vital for us to step into their shoes and see things through their innocence. This allows for us as educators and as parents to truly connect to them and the experience. And we are letting the secret out, but you will have a whole lot of fun! Its your challenge-A New Way of Being!!!

A Glimpse Forward

Calendar of Events

October 2014

7th-Lunch with a Loved One 11:00-11:30

15th Pajama Party Fundraiser 5p.m to 7p.m Participants must sign up and prepay:)

24th School Closed for Teacher Professional Day to prepare mid year developmental checklist

31st-A Wild Rumpus Storybook Parade

November 2014

3-7th Let's Honor Nate's Honor Rescue-supply drive

12th-Hot Rod Races for Center for Hope

13th and 14th School Photographs with Jenny Waring

25th TerraNichol Academy School Feast

26-28th School Closed for Thanksgiving Break

December 2014

19th Field Trip to Open Studio (Based on Chaperone Participation)

22nd-January 2nd School Closed for Winter Break

Reggio Emilia Inspired Themes and Projects on the Horizon

Throughout the month of October students will be be engaged in projects that incorporate farm life and farm animals with an emphasis on organic farming. Students will be learning about the harvest, conventional and non conventional farm animals, important jobs on farms all while engaged in thought provoking, creative, hands on and developmentally appropriate activities with the environment actively supporting the theory that it is the 3rd teacher. We will have the opportunity to enhance our knowledge of photography through workshops introducing photography to students focusing on camera, lens, focal point, and background. Say cheese!

The month of November will be a month of giving back to our community as students sponsor and support projects that will benefit two charities, Nate's Honor Rescue and Center for Building Hope. We will be asking for families to take a role in these projects as our family gives back to these amazing and worthwhile charities. We will also be hosting our own chalk fest for our students. Let the Pavement Art begin!

Nate's Honor Rescue Supply Drive

See the website for more information about needed supplies. We also encourage families to donate their time to volunteer at this wonderful rescue facility. You will be touched by their sheer love and appreciation for these animals.

We will be collecting supplies the week of November 3rd-7th and we will need a volunteer or two to deliver the supplies:)

Center for Building Hope-Hot Rod Races

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 9:30am

701 Old Englewood Rd

Englewood, FL

Students will be collecting pledges for laps completed during our first Hot Rod Races for Center for Building Hope. Each student will complete laps around our bike path during this event to raise awareness and funds for our local Center for Building Hope. "Students start your engines..."

The Center for Building Hope:

The Center for Building Hope offers free information, programs and services to cancer patients, caregivers and family members, while connecting them with others who are undergoing a similar experience. These support services are available through a network of professionally-led community-based centers, hospitals, community oncology practices and other non-profits, as well as online. With professionally-led support groups, educational workshops and mind/body programs utilizing the "Patient Active" concept, people affected by cancer learn vital skills to regain control, reduce feelings of isolation and restore hope, regardless of the stage of their disease.

The Center for Building Hope’s programs are designed to enhance cancer treatment by focusing on the emotional, psychological and educational aspects of well-being while surviving cancer

Art is Alive Soap Fundraiser

Our special "ART IS ALIVE SOAP" is in full production. Created with the children of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts School. The students helped shape the soap into a bar that resembled a splatter painting by Jackson Pollack! And so the Art Is Alive soap was born! The students enjoyed the experience of being an entrepreneur by taking a part in creating, naming, marketing and selling the Art is Alive soap!
Order forms went out in your child's folder. Families are asked to sell at least 6 bars to family, friends, coworkers, and friends. We promise the soap will not disappoint. We sold out last year and intend to again this year. Encourage your family, friends, community, church members, and co-workers to order the very special soap. Bars are $8.00

In November we will also be kicking off our Lolablue Candle fundraiser. We will have every scent on display in the rock room to sample and orders will be delivered before the holidays making perfect gifts for friends and family. Support Lolablue and TerraNichol Academy two local business by participating in this fundraiser. It will warm your home this holiday season

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TerraNichol Academy Shirts

We have completed the artwork for our TerraNichol Academy shirts and we will be placing the order. The students love seeing their artwork, name and face on the t-shirts each year. They make for a great conversation piece and the students are encouraged to wear their shirts on Thursdays!
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TerraNichol Academy Parent Handbook

A friendly and important reminder to review and save your parent handbook. The information included in the handbook helps the daily routines run smoothly here at TerraNichol Academy.

We ask that all parents respect the no superhero policy for clothing and school materials. This is for the safety of the students at our program. We are building a community of peace, kindness, and respect for each other and feel that superhero advertisement works against the message that we want to send to our students. We thank each parent for respecting this policy.

Reggio Emilia Internship Program

Our Reggio Emilia Internship Program — continues to bloom with diverse experiences and offerings with unique internship opportunities! We are in our 8th year of celebrating our internship program.

Our approach is highly reflective and focuses on working with children as equal learning partners to better understand and document their thoughts and actions, in order to better understand how they learn.

Members of our intern team attend and study the Reggio Emilia Approach on campus at TerraNichol Academy Of The Arts along side the mentors by the two master teachers Miss Terra-Founder of TerraNichol Academy of The Arts Preschool with over 25 yrs experience and Educational Program Director Miss Michelle with over 15 years of experience.

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